Nintendo NX Preview Trailer Coming At 10am Eastern Time, Will Be “First Glimpse” Of Console

Nintendo has announced on Twitter that a preview trailer for the NX will be available tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern time. Another tweet has further confirmed that we will be getting our “first glimpse” of the console in the trailer, and another tweet reveals that the trailer will be 3 minutes long. Feel free to check out both tweets below.



  1. WOOOOOOOW!!!!

    The moment the whole world has been waiting for, the day the internet will break, the time in which Nintendo shall rise again.

    All gamers, fanboys, haters get united for the most expected event in recent gaming history, now the future of gaming is within our grasp.

    Delight us Nintendo!

    1. why the hate to Emily Rogers, i really don’t understand. Can you explain me?
      She’s an ugly nintendo/sony fanboy who’s like patcher or something?

  2. HEEELLLLLL FUUUUUCKKKKK YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! It’s about time Nintendo. Fuck my body I am ready :D

      1. I have issues but your punk ass is up here trolling on a gaming site like a retarded jackass….smh. You’re the one that needs help and some pussy…..bitch

        1. I didn’t even say anything negative yet you blind dumbass. Don’t trigger me either or I will troll.

  3. I’ll be at work and I don’t think I’ll be able to sneak away to watch because I’m the cameraman for a live morning news show :(

    1. Faggot commander got destroyed by obinnas might like that stranga clown :’D

    2. ||I’m preparing the final details of our grand design, just like the rest of the hundreds of Commanders out there in the field and in our Homeworld…||

      ||The Final Solution is at hand…||

  4. I am so fucking happy right now. Not even joking, I’m happier than I thought I would be. cant wait till tomorrow. It’s going to be hard to sleep tonight

  5. Emily Rogers rejoice !! Just as she said we probably wouldn’t hear anything this week or next week ….

    Anyway cheers all around guys n gals ! Now the sleepless night begins as I toss and turn in anticipation checking the click every hour ….

  6. Glimps, yeah nothing much at all that means, i bet no new games, just a few pictures of the console and the controller, then wait for further more information at a later date.

    Its nintendo, prepare to be disappointed. No expectatiohs for me, though even last e3 was disappointing even though i still had zero expections…..

    There should be a new trend with nintendo.
    # nintendonoexpectations
    It needds to happen

    1. I’m still hyped even if it is a SOFT reveal.
      Which is what I’m guessing… considering how abrupt this is…

      I just hope to God that the official name isn’t completely stupid.

        1. You never know for sure. And if you say otherwise…makes you the fool until proven by many. I will be listening. I said it once and I’ll say it again and again and again and again…”Never count nintendo out”. “Nintendo will always have tricks up their sleeves”. Lets see if they learned at least a bit.


    (Prepares Brain for the NX to be a Toaster Oven with a Booklight Dongle and Built-In Wi-Fi for starting pre-heating your burrito from your smart-phone [*power cord not included*] … so that no matter what it ACTUALLY is, I can just be happy that it will play awesome NINTENDO Games, and not be upset about whatever other weird things it does that I don’t care about, or whatever features I would have liked that it lacks)

    Hooray for another Generation of Nintendo.

    Bring it on.

    1. Lol! 3 minutes! I didnt even read that part i just asuumed, guess i was right, screw you nintendo!

      1. well 3 mins is all we need if its just a system glimps reveal, I mean come on man, they even said it “just a glimps peak at the system”.

        Are you that afraid of the system? Oh wait, let me guess…You want to make sure your right by dissing it too soon so you have to tell people your fear just to make sure your “trying” to be right, correct? Don’t be like that fool sassortard up there.

      2. Yeah. I’m not thrilled about the 3 minutes. But I’m glad it’s finally getting shown somewhat. After all this time I want to at least see the damn thing.

    2. ||It’s an introduction to the real even taking place in the near future…||

      1. I know. I heard that it might be a Zelda trailer and then at the last few seconds they just show a picture of the NX and show its official name. In which case, we will have gotten a morsel. But a morsel is better than nothing.

    1. Some are saying a press release will come out before the end of the month with console specs, but that’s not straight from Nintendo so I’m not sure.

  8. [So begins the era of Nintendo’s dominance. The end of the XBOT is nigh….]

    I can’t say it like he does, but I am hyped as shit right now!

  9. Pu…. madre!! Genial !
    Please Nintendo don’t disappoint us!
    We just need all in one, like the Super Nintendo was; Good graphics, good controller, good games.

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