RUMOR: Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips Tweeted An NX Teaser, Suggesting Announcement In “Next Couple Days”

The NX rumor mill continues with a tweet that was posted by Tom Phillips from Eurogamer. He mentions that “a number of people” have told him that a trailer for the next Red Dead Redemption game, which arrives tomorrow, “will only be the second biggest gaming announcement of the next couple of days’. Obviously, as you can see in the tweet we’ve provided below, the word “next” was deliberately altered to indicate that the announcement is the NX reveal that has been heavily rumored to be happening this week. As with any rumor, there’s the possibility that this may not happen. But if it does, we’ll let you know.



        1. You mean my prophecy?

          My prophecy states Nov10th will be the actual console reveal.
          The date in the article could be the console reveal, but I doubt it. I think it will be Nintendo telling us WHEN it will be revealed. My prophecy still has a chance.

            1. LEL, Yeah, I know… xD
              I found out literally after i pressed post.
              Kinda weird though, as I still think it’s abrupt. It’s probably a soft reveal like the title of nintendos tweet implies.

  1. Also Emily Rogers has been reporting that we should be seeing some NX news in this week… So I really think we’re going to get at least the date of the official reveal.


  2. Hey, remember that other tweet? From that guy who DEFINITELY had inside info? Remember how it was all a lie for his 15 minutes of fame? What? You don’t? OHHH so THAT’S why you’re posting this rumor here. That makes sense now

  3. It will probably turn out to be an actual announcement, but they’ll only announce the date for when they actually reveal the console and that will be months away knowing my luck.

    Hopefully that’s not the case

  4. Emily Rogers says its before the weekend and by the looks of it seems she putting everything on the line. It seems weird for NIntendo to mention the NX before the investor meeting but they have definitely done weirder things before.

      1. Too late to like this because of how I felt, of course I did feel that way til I found out days later NX was revealed (Damn you, WWE 2k17!), so I’m liking for the fact there’s a funny Family Guy clip in post. lol

      2. Welp. I spoke too soon. I’m back to feeling like this. :/ Damn you, Nintendo! How dare you get people’s hopes & hype up then dash them away with fuckery not even a week later!?

  5. There is no way it’s tomorrow or even this week- a new console reveal is not something you just drop on us on a whim. They have to give a few days so fans and news outlets have time to get ready.

    At the very least, the date OF the reveal needs to come this week, to show that it is scheduled for next week- any longer and it will officially be too late.

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