Nintendo Confirms The NX Is A “Home Gaming System”

Nintendo recently announced that it is finally ready to showcase the NX. It will be revealed tomorrow, October 20, at 7 a.m. PT via a three-minute preview trailer. The company has also confirmed through its website that the NX is a “home game system.” According to some reports, its final name will be unveiled tomorrow as well. With the announcement coming in a few hours, it’s only a matter of time until we get a first glimpse of it.



    1. Hahahaha! Nice.

      I could be totally wrong, but just because it says “home gaming system” does not mean it won’t be a hybrid (not that I expect it to be). Do you really think on the little footnote it would read: “hybrid home/handheld gaming system?”

    1. I was always surprised that those rumors stuck in people’s minds as trustworthy to begin with.
      If I recall correctly there was one “reliable source” who simply stated this rumor, and there was never any real basis for it, except the patents and maybe that chip that might be used (if you can actually call that a “basis” however, is debatable).
      The rest has just been addition and predictions on top of this, so I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it isn’t a hyprid.
      It might be anyway, true, but I was never sold on that idea.

  1. Who knows. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Nintendo, they like to make up their own definitions to things. :D

    Not saying I don’t believe them or anything, just that they seem to like a “Well, not really…” kind of wording.

        1. Can you tell who ever does the articles to not include the name of the console or any other spoilers tomorrow so people like myself who won’t be able to watch live can still watch the video without anything being soiled? Much appreciated if you could oblige 👍!

    1. Home console can mean a lot of things
      I mean you might have a good idea what a home console is but that is still up for interpretation (especially if the Nx is part handheld that will blur the lines even more)

      1. It’s going to be a house. We all thought it would be a toaster, but the toaster is the detachable controller that was rumored. It’s gonna be an actual house. We were thinking small, but Nintendo was thinking grand spectacle. Oh boy! Jokes aside, I’m glad we’re finally getting a little information about the NX.

        1. ||Since my logic is undeniable, I can even use Anubis’ so called insults and convert them to my favour, an analogy…||

          ||I’m the toaster, Nintendo is the house, they created me, I’m a detachable part of the house, the part that can toast bread (Xbots) to oblivion as well as Sonyans (Paper) and also feed our fellow brethren with food (games)…||

  2. There was no doubt in my mind it was a home console. But it still remains to be seen if it has the handheld feature as well. I’m reaaaaally hoping we see something mind-blowing tomorrow.

  3. One of the leakers said this is because Nintendo wants people to think of it as a home console you take with you rather than a handheld you plug into your TV. This same person also called tomorrow’s reveal today before Nintendo did and got that info from the same sources that said hybrid. We ain’t out of the woods yet.

    I actually really want the hybrid thing to be true. Let’s face it, even with a powerful “traditional” console that doesn’t guarantee major third party support. The reason I like the hybrid idea is because all of Nintendo would just focus on one system minimizing game droughts.

      1. I think BOTW NX may have it’s own trailer at the very end. They only said the NX reveal trailer would be only 3 minutes long but there could a 2 minute trailer for BOTW NX….I could be wrong I’m just being optimistic lol

  4. Oh, NOW they want to confirm it’s a home gaming system. I think some of us already knew that, since Nintendo jumbled together that 3DS Direct, specifically for 3DS games.

      1. It obviously will. They have been talking about how the nx would change gaming. A regular home console wouldn’t change anything and would be pretty boring. It’s a hybrid

    1. It will be a home console with a mobile aspect but I do think it will be a home console focused hybrid device

    1. Recent rumours suggest otherwise.
      We’ll find out during the reveal trailer, but honestly I think it’ll be a Home Console with a portable aspect as Nintendo doesn’t want to kill off the 3DS until 2018.

  5. I bet it’s like the Wii U but the tablet is an actual tablet.

    & please don’t give it a stupid name like:
    * The Nintendo Home
    *The Nintendo Wii U & The Rest
    *The Nintendo Do Over
    *The Nintendo Fresh Start
    *The Nintendo Home is Where the Heart is… guys get my drift!

  6. I want a “Revolution” type of name for once, something different, even their codenames were better for the last gen.

    -Nintendo Blaze!
    -Nintendo Twu xD

    I’m more interested in seeing the name, features and look of the console more than anything..
    we all know Nintendo make great games.

  8. Feels good to know the KING is back.
    Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Steam must be quivering in fear. Stellar first party support, exclusive third party games, unlimited storage and the best/free online service ever. GO NINTENDO!

  9. Reading the comments.

    All ima say is this, let’s not count those tadpole’s before they start hoppin.

    Hype might be building, but we need facts and specifications on hardware.

    1. Nah, Son. King Nintendo showing the industry how it is done.
      We’ve won every generation – might as well go for another ;)

      1. Nintendo lost this generation. By a lot. Don’t be bind. I want Nintendo to return to glory, but I know they lost this generation badly. That’s why they are coming out with a new console midway through a generation. You can get hyed, sure. But don’t ignore facts.

      2. Haha, I love young optimism in the morning after a fat bowl of blue diesel.


        But for cerealz, I’m not stressing it, it’s going to be whatever Nintendo wants it to be.

      3. Uhm, no. No we haven’t. N64 tied with PS1, Gamecube lost to PS2 & Xbox, and Wii U lost to PS4 & sadly even Xbone. As for the Wii era, that’s debatable. Truthfully, I feel everyone was tied that gen too so no clear winner if you ask me.

  10. If it’s not a hybrid, I will care less. I’m getting Zelda on my WiiU, and I already have a current-gen box, so the time has come.
    Show us your hand Nintendo.
    If it’s not a Royal Flush, then you’re screwed.

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