The NX September Reveal Date Was Apparently Delayed As Super Mario NX Wasn’t Running Perfectly

Today is the day when Nintendo finally unveils its next generation system codenamed the NX. Tom Phillips from Eurogamer has tweeted that the reports of a September reveal were correct, but Nintendo decided to push the date back as they hadn’t got Super Mario running perfectly on the platform. They have now got Mario’s latest adventure running perfectly so they felt like now was the time to showcase the console. The unveiling takes place at 10am ET and is a three minute long video.


  1. That would imply that we’re going to see Mario in this trailer, however the other source said that they’re only showing Zelda BotW so there is no point in delaying the reveal for Mario.

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  2. So whatever they did between last month and now was the difference between us being able to see a 3 minute long glimpse of the console? Interesting.

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  3. loool!! Eurogamer!
    if that was the reason, you already knew this since September!! why come out and say it now.. after nintendo have officially announced the reveal?

    bunch of lying twats!!


  4. Like another said, this is the website trying to save face for being wrong. So this is just some dumb rumor they themselves are starting to cover their asses, hoping Nintendo doesn’t ever call them out on their bullshit.

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