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The Latest Pokémon Generations Has Been Uploaded Early

While every other episode has appeared on a Friday, the latest Pokémon Generations has been uploaded onto YouTube today. Continuing our adventures in the Unova region, this episode is based on Team Plasma’s attack on Opelucid City in Pokemon Black and White 2. Luckily, their Gym Leader is their to help. Check out the exciting episode below.

3 thoughts on “The Latest Pokémon Generations Has Been Uploaded Early”

  1. Hm. Since they pronounced Kyogre as Keye-ogre, I was expecting them to pronounce Kyurem in a similar fashion. *shrug* Anyway, another great Pokemon Generations video!

    Also, this video just further shows just how evil Team Plasma was compared to past villainous teams in the Pokemon series who weren’t nearly as evil. Least past teams did what they did with the belief that they were making the world a better place for everyone. Team Plasma did it solely for their own gain.

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