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UK: Pre-order Nintendo Switch At GameSeek For £198.50

UK retailer GameSeek has already started taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch like a few other retailers. What is interesting is they’re selling it for £198.50 with a price guarantee meaning that you won’t be charged more than that if the console turns out to be more expensive. We should get pricing in January but it is sounding more and more likely that the device will be in the £200 range. One thing to note is that GameSeek will take your money straight away unlike the majority of retailers.


  1. Unlike the majority? You mean the only ones that will take advance payment. They sound shady and wouldn’t get it from them. A deposit is one thing, but to take the full amount is just ridiculous.

  2. That is awesome! While I’m still on the fench on the Switch, it’s a very intriguing console and will hopefully be able to drive home a purchase for me. Nintendo’s gotta play those cards right. Pull out that TRUMP card and STUMP em’!

  3. If the Switch is indeed sub 200 quid, I think they’ve got a massive head start with sales on this – the Wii was £179.99 which was a bargain back in 2006 and £199.99 would be a bargain when you look at it being £20 more than the Wii.

  4. That’s awesome, but I’ve had trouble with Gameseek in the past. They generally have good critical reception but their communication isn’t good if you have problems.

  5. I’m kinda worried it is gonna be this cheap, thing is there’s no way in hell they’ve been able to make it that small and cheap and still keep up with modern consoles which it needs to do, at the very least games from xbone and ps4 need to be portable to it.

    Honestly I would like it if the all the companys could take a step back in tech since it’s clearly not doing the industry much good currently but sadly that won’t happen and Ninty does need to keep up with them if it wants 3rd party support.

    1. Since the newest consoles are just upgrades of current tech, not including Switch, maybe they are taking a step back in tech right now. Which is good for Nintendo because that means they have plenty of time to improve & catch up with the others if the Switch indeed is this cheap which sadly means it won’t be nearly as strong as the PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio. It would explain why 3rd parties are excited about the Switch even if it is still weaker than the current, stronger consoles. Either way, we won’t know anything for sure til January 12th.

  6. Take the money up front? It’s one thing when digital purchases take the money up front when you preorder but physical? Hm. Not sure how I feel about that. If everyone that uses the site says they’ve never been screwed by GameSeek, then I say people that can should definitely jump on this just in case the Switch is 300 bucks or more. Even if they do go back on their price guarantee thing, least you would have put a down payment on your Nintendo Switch and thus not have to pay as much when it does release. lol

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