US: Square Enix Black Friday Sale Now On

Square Enix’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is now on for those of you looking for some bargain priced video games. There’s a wealth of titles to choose from including those on legacy platforms such as the Nintendo DS. Be warned though that the shipping cost can be fairly high, but the discounted titles make up for this. There’s too many games to list so be sure to check out all the deals on the Square Enix store, here.


  1. ||I see no logic in buying a weapon regardless of it being on sale or not when the shipping cost is expensive enough…||

  2. Dragon Quest Heroes is ridiculously cheap for PS4, if anyone doesn’t have it already it is totally worth $10

    Also, Dragon Quest Builders is a fantastic game and is $20 off

    The two game I want the most are for DS and 3DS and are on a waiting list lol, I might get World of Final Fantasy for PS4 though, that game looked kind of neat.

    1. Wait, seriously!? Damn it! Looks like I should have held off on Dragon Quest Heroes a bit longer!

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