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Xbox Boss Would Absolutely Love To See Mario Come To The Xbox Platform

Although it is extremely unlikely to ever happen, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked by Aus Gamers whether Nintendo properties on the Xbox were something the team would consider given that both Pokemon and Mario have and are making their way to iOS and Android. Spencer said rather enthusiastically that he would love to see Mario make his way to the Xbox if it was ever possible in the future.

I’d love to see Mario on Xbox. As someone who’s been in this industry and played games forever, I’ll still say it: Nintendo has the strongest first-party of anybody. They’re just fantastic and the memories that they have instilled in so many of us, who’ve played their games and had those delightful experiences, having those on Xbox would be great. Obviously we have Minecraft on Nintendo and when that opportunity came up to work with them on Minecraft, you know, some people might look at it and say ‘why would you even do that?’, but with Nintendo, it’s been a great partnership on Minecraft. In fact they put Mario in Minecraft on Wii U with the mash-up skin pack.

And continuing to work with them on that and building a stronger relationship… I mean if that paid dividends down the road that lead to something else, that would be fantastic. I know I get questions all the time on would I ever like to see Banjo in Super Smash Bros. and I’m, like, “yes, I would do that in a second”. And certain people think I’m saying that as some sort of PR answer and I’m, like, why wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I’m a big Nintendo fan and I think they’ve been incredibly important for the games industry, they do a great job with younger audiences, and if we ever had a chance to work with them in the future, I would absolutely do it.


74 thoughts on “Xbox Boss Would Absolutely Love To See Mario Come To The Xbox Platform”

    1. the only way i see this happening is if nintendo were to trade off a mario game to come to xbox in return nintendo could develop a rare game to come to the switch

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||This arrogant imbecile, we will fall to oblivion before handing over any of our weaponry to abominations like you…||

  2. at this point, shouldn’t we be afraid that xbox might not be a thing in a few years and THEIR developers have to look for new partnerships? their xbox one is doing a bit better than the wii u did – sure, but everyone knows just how much money microsoft spends on their xbox division – exclusive games, content, etc.

    also, the switch looks intriguing already, while their scorpio is probably just another hardware upgrade. definitely better chances for switch to be a thing.

    1. XBox One is doing quite a bit better than the Wii U. This time they also never sold the console at a loss (AFAIK). IIRC XBox owners have a higher attach rate, and more XBox owners pay for the subscription than PS owners. I’m guessing they will be fine.

      P.S. I have never owned an XBox

  3. Video games are pretty much the only entertainment medium where you need specific systems to play specific things. It’s not like only Samsung TVs will show Game of Thrones, or only Sony Blu Ray players will be able to play Star Wars Blu Rays (though we did come close to this model with HD DVD). If the Nintendo Playstation had worked out years ago, console exclusives might be a thing of the past.

    1. “If the Nintendo Playstation had worked out years ago, console exclusives might be a thing of the past.”

      Could you explain a little more of how console exclusives would be a thing of the past if Nintendo and Sony successfully launched the Nintendo PlayStation? First, I don’t think Microsoft would be scared off from getting into the console business (they only got in the business because, seeing their success in Windows and especially in PC gaming, they wanted to be able to control the TV space and gaming was the easiest gateway).

      Then we need to consider the ripple effects of the Nintendo PlayStation launch. Perhaps Sega would still be a hardware company. Maybe other companies would pop up and have a better place in the console market. Maybe PC gaming would be even more popular. Maybe the Nintendo PS flops. Who knows? The butterfly effect is a bitch sometimes. But none of these things can truly stop console exclusives. (Especially since we have software exclusives for Windows, Mac, and Linux, or music exclusives on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. It would still be enviable.)

      Regardless, I’m interested in hearing your reasonings since you might have thought of something that I may have overlooked.

  4. Is it me or was this all just to imply they make games for kids? That’s one of the two negative stereotypes for Nintendo(No 3rd party and for kids) and whenever Sony or Microsoft compliments Nintendo they always say they’re great at attracting kids. They’re just trying invoke that mindset onto the public. Very snake.
    Or maybe I’m just being paranoid?

    1. That’s not what he’s saying. He’s simply saying that one of the benefits with Nintendo is that, out of the three console companies, Nintendo seems to have better luck with kids. It wouldn’t make sense if he said Nintendo has the best first party lineup and then say that they’re only good with kids.

      1. It makes sense if he’s making the underhanded compliment that I’m suggesting he’s making.

        Let’s say you, ninjadud99, are know for typos and the people here at My Nintendo News don’t like people who make typos. Here’s a comment I’d make if I wanted others to dislike you without me sounding like a jerk:

        “I really like ninjadude99. He’s very thoughtful in his comments and I think it’s fun how he personalizes his style with typos. Very quirky.

    1. Facts don’t lie. The majority of Nintendo’s consumers are kids and teens which in turn is why Nintendo markets to that demographic more than anyone else (just turn the TV on to a kids network vs a network with shows geared more towards adults).

      Their games are great and fun for all ages but kids/families with kids are the majority consumers.

    1. He wasn’t wishing for it to happen. Someone asked him if he’d like it and he said yes. He’d be stupid and a liar if he answered, “no.” Anyone would want Nintendo games on their hardware. But he also noted that “if it was possible” which we know it basically isn’t.

  5. Phil Spencer is a great figure head for Xbox. He has turned the Xbox one around and I completely approve of his hard work over at MS. The quote has a few interesting points in it, obviously Xbox would love to have Mario on it but his reference to Banjo and Smash stood out to me as well. He also pointed out the positive collaboration between Nintendo and MS when working on Minecraft together. Remember MS didn’t have to release Minecraft on WiiU. I think Phil would like to collaborate again with Nintendo in the future which I certainly don’t have a issue with.
    It’s also no surprise Phil applauds Nintendo’s work/appeal to ‘younger audiences’, I’m sure in some cases those younger gamers will play on xbox systems in the future. All in all it’s good to see an executive appreciate the work Nintendo do for the games industry and vice versa because at the end of the day the industry wouldn’t be were it is now if none of them existed.

    1. You’re on the money here.

      With respect to your comment saying Microsoft didn’t have to release Minecraft on the Wii U, while it’s absolutely true, it would be a little bit odd if every other console gets the game and Nintendo’s systems are left out (especially seeing how Phil, as the current head of Xbox, praises Nintendo to a very large degree). It would probably be in Microsoft’s best interest to do it anyway (but they’re still completely in the right to not do it).

      1. I disagree, MS didnt have to release MC on any other platform. They couldve kept it exclusive to the xbox/pc and just stop supporting all other platforms. It wouldve been horrible but die hards wouldve follwed them and it could have been a good way for MS to sell a few more xbox ones. Phil is incredibly smart though, and it shows with how quickly hes turned over that division. If Ninty does any other partnerships in the future, I hope its with MS and they somehow manage to get to work on a few Rare IP’s.

        1. The sticking points are:

          1) Microsoft has not pulled support of other consoles as of yet (nor do they have any hints of doing so. In fact, I believe that, since it’s become a Microsoft IP, it expanded to PS Vita and they’re adding Apple TV support later this year).

          2) Phil is genuinely positive about Nintendo. He even says that he owns a Wii U and (if I remember correctly) he and his children enjoy playing Splatoon.

          3) Phil expressing his desires to see Mario games on the Xbox platform.

          4) Microsoft has been more open about adding their services and products into other platforms outside their own. For example, they’re bringing Visual Studio to the Mac, they’ve joined the Linux Foundation, and there’s Office on Android.

          and 5) Microsoft has a pretty long history of working together with Nintendo (starting with Rare developing Diddy Kong Racing long after they were a Microsoft subsidiary).

          Saying all of this and yet refusing to put Minecraft in Nintendo’s systems (and as I said before, they have every right to do that) would look strange on Microsoft’s part. It wasn’t weird when Mojang was independent, as Notch said that it will never come to the Wii U (or something along those lines; basically, he wasn’t positive about Nintendo). Now that Microsoft owns them, the head of Xbox is the one calling the shots. And he likes Nintendo.

          Furthermore, Minecraft isn’t a normal game in the traditional sense. Yes, some people may move to the Xbox, but it can also backfire and people will just go to the PC version, which isn’t going to get Microsoft to sell more Xbox Ones. Also, people will get angry at them. Some will just drop out of Minecraft and use something else. Many possibilities can happen; we can’t just assume that it’s automatically going to go well with Microsoft.

          Finally, removing Minecraft support would be a step back from what they’ve been doing for the past few years (examples are above). They know they have fans outside of their platforms, so it’s more of a “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality.

          Anyway, these are my two cents (two long cents, but hopefully you understand where I’m coming from).

          1. I completely agree with that, what im saying is that MS didnt have to, thats the part that I disagree with. Im also not saying it wouldn’t have backfired. MS couldve easily came out as the bad guy, fell flat in theyre face, and lost a big chunk of its fanbase. All to keep that IP as an actual exclusive, even if those fans had gone PC, it would have still been a profit for MS. Everything else I agree, which is why I think Phil is perfect for XBOX right now.

            1. Oh. I never said that Phil wasn’t the best guy for the Xbox division. As a matter of fact, his decisions with Xbox greatly align with the other decisions of Microsoft itself. He’s really turned it around and has made it a formitable opponent against PlayStation (Microsoft is now selling more units than Sony, for example).

              1. Im actually glad over that. Sony seems to prosper better when its getting its ass kicked. And I know you didnt say that, im just glad phil turned it all around for MS, thats why i keep bringing it up lol.

  6. Also, more of that great favoritism at play here. My Nintendo news my eye.

    I still think it’s insane that I was JUST talking about Nintendo and Microsoft Switching bringing a game from the others library.

    Mario for Halo, do it. Just to rattle some heads on this site would be enough.

      1. Mario is on Apple hardware, and once it’s on Android, it can be played on PC’s as well. And PC gaming is one small step away from Xbox gaming. I would have rolled laughing at the possibility, but At this point, anything is possible.

  7. He, along with that Spybox-making WHOLE NSA LACKEY of a company can go f@#% themselves. If Sony were to say the same thing, I MIGHT be ok with that. But Microd&!% can go hang. YMMV, but that’s my opinion.


      1. Hahaha, they didn’t give it away. And realistically, it didn’t seem like the gems of Rare were being paid attention to. Jet Force Gemini? Excellent game full of potential, wasted.

  8. i kinda would too but more in line like mario run where nintendo dips their toes in first then if it does become successful then they will make companion games (like mario run or maybe a port new mario bros with a touch of xbox) on xbox along with major (and spin-offs) games on nintendo platforms. i might support an idea like that, it would be redundant to buy mario switch if it also came to xbox one/scorpio.

    1. NEVER. GOING. TO. HAPPEN! Mario is not being placed on a StinkBoxe One of any kind! HE’S NOT GONNA LET WHAT HAPPENED TO BANJO & KAZOOIE HAPPEN TO HIM! You want an Xbox Mario game? TOO BAD! YOU AREN’T GETTING ONE!

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||We will never give these imbeciles anything and anyone that believes Nintendo didn’t care for the Rare Facilities are only Xbots or Sonyans without facts…||

        ||The Microsoft Realm has always been after everything they can consume or ruin and their track record is long…||

  9. People really really love to hate Xbox. That fanboy schtick gets old. The lead of Xbox is literally just saying he loves Nintendo and has for a long time(as a lot of adult gamers who started young in the 80’s or so do) and that they have the strongest first party out of anybody. That’s the truth and a huge compliment. Then because he also stated a fact, that they do a great job with younger audiences, people take offense? He’s right, and that’s why many adults like Nintendo still. They’re so iconic. They defined people’s childhoods and made them gamers for life. Getting adults who don’t play games at all in to gaming typically doesn’t result in the type of fans people are on this site. It’s more like the casuals who get into mobile puzzle games or those find the clue games etc. Getting them young makes them want to find deeper experiences over time. When Sony basically said Nintendo gets the young gamers who grow up and move on to other systems I didn’t see many people complain. Now what’s wrong with this? There’s no need to be offended if you’re an adult Nintendo fan, we know that yes they make kiddie games but they also make games tougher than most kids care to play and everything in between. Nintendo has always catered to a wide demographic, and as time goes on they’re getting even better at doing that.

    1. that one word…stings in my eyes…”kiddies”…makes it sound like…a hater would say. But I get your point and I agree. Just don’t use that word…I hate seeing that word as well as “Hardcore shoot em gamers”, “casuals”, and “corporate slaves/puppets”. Those words will get me all over you faster than you can make mario jump.

      1. Lol my bad, you gotta be more secure in your support/love for Nintendo. I only used the word kiddie because it’s what a lot of non-Nintendo fans use to describe their games. But it doesn’t bother me. They do make some games for kids. It doesn’t make me a kid if I enjoy Nintendo still. Honestly Microsoft and especially Sony really wish they could pull in kids the way Nintendo does. Look at things like Little Big Planet, etc. Everyone wanted to appeal to that audience Nintendo got with ease. Nintendo can even take a seemingly kids character like Kirby and make his games good enough that they sell to people of all ages. Their being good with younger audiences really is a good thing.

        Now with all that said they have been losing a bit of their connection with younger audiences lately with iPhones and mobile gaming taking over and more kids wanting PS4’s and Xbox’s usually due to thinking they don’t want the “kiddie” machine but that leads to them missing out on great games. We’ll see if/how their push next year puts them back in the front with younger audiences as well as adult and more “mature” audiences.

    2. While being unable to play an xbox for reasons I wont go into I don’t see the harm in mario going to the platform. For Example the wii u game Zombi U was ported to the ps4 and Xbox 1 so it is actually possible. It doesn’t matter on what fanbase/faction your on (Roleplayers) If something makes money it WILL be done weather you like it or not.

      Personally I like Retro games cant beat a good bit of resident evil 2 – 4 ,Skies Of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online and Baten Kaitos on my Gamecube

    1. Despite where it started, it is what it is now. It’s a Microsoft property and MS really didn’t have to continue support on other platforms; Especially to the extent they’re going with it.

      1. Microsoft could pull the plug on all Minecraft support of it’s games not on Xbox or PC but I honestly don’t think it would end well for them if they tried. There are way too many people that prefer their Minecraft on the system they mostly play it on & Microsoft would lose out on their money if they pulled support. At the end of the day, Microsoft is definitely a company that cares about making money & pulling support would not make them money.

  10. Wow, they want Mario, but they won’t let us have Rare Replay? Or even digital releases of the games that originally came out on Nintendo consoles?

    Maybe if they let us Nintendo fans play Banjo Kazooie again, we’ll maybe think about sparing Mach Rider for an Xbox release.

  11. I like this guy, but gosh the Xbox one sucks compared to the PS4 for 3rd parties, and the Wii U for 1st parties. Give us the rights to all Rare properties, and we will let you have a mario crossover title. Deal?

  12. Wow everyone getting triggered because of hi saying he’d love to have a Nintendo game on it’s system, practically praising Nintendo and giving it exposure to xbox only fanboys

    and then they say mosts Nintendo fans arent little kids

  13. Of course he would! Who wouldn’t want a Mario game on their product!? Anyway, give us Rare Replay & then we’ll talk. xD

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