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Laura Dale: Nintendo Switch Xenoblade X Port Is Handled Externally And Monolith Working On Own Project

Journalist Laura Dale is on a roll today with Nintendo Switch news. She previously gave the estimated internal release date for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U and now she has provided some information on the forthcoming Nintendo Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X. The project isn’t being worked on by the original developer Monolith Soft but is instead being outsourced to an external studio. You’ll be pleased to know that Monolith Soft are working on a new project for the Nintendo Switch which is set to arrive sometime in 2018 or even after that.

39 thoughts on “Laura Dale: Nintendo Switch Xenoblade X Port Is Handled Externally And Monolith Working On Own Project”

    1. The original Xenoblade sold way better in the West than it did in Japan. Also the silent protagonist kind of hurt Japanese sales, as they like the more story driven RPG’s. Can’t say I blame them I hope the next Xenoblade is more like the first game, although I did like X, and put almost 100 hours into it.

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||New DLC is a must or more music specially within NLA, I can’t stand that primitive music…||

  2. Whoa…Monolith Soft is working on something completely new and that’ll be built from the ground up for the Switch? My excitement meter just went up extremely high. It looks like Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to make the Switch a force to be reckon with. Sony and Microsoft had better beware…..if the Switch has a constant flow of quality 1st party content along with some AAA 3rd party games both the PS4 and Xbox One will face a huge threat known as the Switch

    1. Don’t quite get what there is to get so euphoric about. Wasn’t it pretty much obvious that Monolith is working on a new game already? Xenoblade Chronicles X has been done for quite some time already. Surely you didn’t expect them to just sit around doing nothing for the past year, or did you?

      1. I knew they would work on something for the Switch eventually, I’m just surprised (and yes I know they announced previously they are doing so) that they are actually creating something new instead of working on the next Xenoblade. I thought they would stick to what they know but they were being for real

        1. Oh, I see. Personally, I did’t interpret the tweet in that way. I think what Laura meant when she wrote “something new” was just that it’s going to be a new game that is neither a port, nor a remaster/remake. I don’t think it necessarily means that it isn’t going to be a new entry in the Xenoblade series, though noone knows for sure.

        2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Nowhere did anyone say that they are or not working on a new Xenoblade, only that it is a new weapon without specifications…||

        3. I’m pretty sure that there next project will be a xeno game. They already confirmed that they were going to make another one, and that it would be much more story based like Xenoblade Chronicles Wii. Could be a new project in between tho.

    2. Perhaps Microsoft may worry… But Sony? I own Nintendo products and Sony products, but for the ones who just own a Ps4, they will need some serious convincing. Right now as it stands, I don’t see reason enough for them to hop ship. We shall see I suppose

      1. I don’t think Microsoft is sweating either. It gets Scale bound by Platinum games around April 2017, as well as the new Mass Effect game (I can’t wait for both of those games)

        I think If Nintendo can Hold 3rd party support, it will allow them re-entry into the console wars. Right now, everyone except Nintendo fans don’t even see Nintendo as a major console anymore.

        1. Scalebound nor Mass Effect Andromeda are on the level of a new free roaming 3D Mario game, a mainline console version of Pokémon or a new open world Zelda title….I’m sorry. The new 3D Mario game is heavily rumored to be a launch day Switch title and if you think Scalebound is gonna steal some thunder from that game then you are sadly mistaken. Scalebound has great potential but it’s a niche title that won’t really appeal to a 3rd of the Xbox fan base and Mass Effect Andromeda is a multiplat that you’ll be able to buy on just about every platform except the Wii U but probably on the Switch. Like I said if Nintendo delivers with huge quality 1st party games constantly coming and some big 3rd party titles then Sony and Microsoft better be sweating because Nintendo is unmatched in the 1st party/exclusive department

          1. Nintendo does have good 1st party games, but how many of their games as appeal to the Xbox and PlayStation crowd? There aren’t any first person shooters I know of that Nintendo really has and Zelda’s good and all. But it isn’t exactly a Mass Effect replacement. They’re like two completely different games. Pokemon would no doubt get some Switches selling though. As for Mario, I think the majority of people who buy his games now are already Nintendo fans or maybe just part of the more casual crowd.

  3. Well, I hope the external studio gives the port justice and adds new content and maybe comes with the data packs pre-installed so you get the full experience without having to download extra stuff. I got Xenoblade X last Christmas and shame on me I’m still not even halfway through the game. I love the game but it’s just so big that I have a hard time continuing. But I need to finish it so I’ll get back to it soon!

  4. Hope that it is not region locked, and everything will be uncensored.
    Inb4 I get called a pedo because linly in a bikini. I’d like to bring up that it is optional you don’t have to have her in it.

    Also this is America the country that promotes sex in movies and entertainment, don’t act like you haven’t seen skin before….

    1. i like lin lee koo, she is an awesome 13 year old, not only can she fight, she can cook and is an great skell pilot, she does act like her age but is also mature which is when i have a daughter i want her to be like lin.

    2. They definitely need to put the boob slider back in for the American release. I’d be okay with an updated boob slider as even I thought the original boob slider needed some tweaking. As for Lin, just change her fucking age if it’s really that big of a damn deal!? Is it really that hard to fucking do!? After all, some Japanese women 17 & up do look like they could be 13.

  5. Monolith is working with square enix inna colaboration with nintendo to make xenogears 2 and xenosaga hd collection…i only hope XD

    1. Technically it’s easier to improve the resolution than the fps as a higher fps rate means a conflict with the in game cutscenes.

      I’d hope for a larger drawing distance for creatures and stuff.

  6. When X launched, I bought Xenoblade Chronicles on VC. So, assuming that I have beat that game when X hits the Switch, I’d immediately trigger the purchase button. Having such a game available on a portable would just be so awesome.

  7. I’m glad Xenoblade Chronicles is continuing. Hopefully the 3rd game will pick up some couple of years after the first game and have Shulk & them meet up with new races. Maybe make some new friends, and enemies, along the way. With Chronicles being in the damn name, it feels kind of silly ending it with just one story when chronicles usually makes one think of more story to come. *shrug*

    I really wish The Last Story was getting a damn sequel. The game definitely hinted at the possibility the kingdom that Lazulis Island is part of still has a lot of corruption going on with the knights since Therius mentioned he had a lot of work to do outside of Lazulis Island which was his reason for leaving after the events of the game ended.

    As for Pandora’s Tower, the game was good but part of me feels there is more the game could have done to make itself more replayable.

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