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Laura Dale Reveals When Nintendo Expects Zelda Breath Of Wild To Release On Nintendo Switch And Wii U

Reliable Nintendo informer Laura Dale from Let’s Play Video Games has revealed when Nintendo is expecting to ship the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She says that June 16th is the UK date for the Nintendo Switch version of the open world adventure and June 23rd is the Wii U date. Obviously this is subject to change.

Thanks to Shaan A for the tip!

43 thoughts on “Laura Dale Reveals When Nintendo Expects Zelda Breath Of Wild To Release On Nintendo Switch And Wii U”

        1. Yeah, except all of those are supposed to be getting enhanced ports on the Switch. Don’t get me wrong i love my Wii U, and I’m glad to have bought it so i could play those games sooner, but if you haven’t bought the Wii U yet, there’s no reason to as most of its really good games are getting enhanced Switch ports.

          1. A couple of games I can think of that probably won’t get Switch ports:

            -The Wonderful 101
            -Bayonetta 1 & 2
            – Pokkén Tournament
            -Super Mario 3D World
            -Zelda Twilight Princess HD
            -Zelda Wind Waker HD
            -Pikmin 3
            Just to name a few. And there’s the whole Wii backwards compatibility thing. If you care about that I guess.

    1. Ugh. I know that line but I can’t recall from where I first heard it! It’s at the edge of my freaking mind but it can’t get past that mind block.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Disappointing, the Sonyans hold you in such high esteem, show me you can do better…||

        1. Ah hah! Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring! Gandalf’s line about wizards are never late or early and that they arrive precisely when they mean to.

        2. I’ve always had this issue where I know something but my brain just suddenly puts up a damn wall & refuses to let what I know come out. At times, it scares me. Could it be one of those early signs of Alzheimer’s!?! O.O D:

  1. I actually respect her opinion and the information she gives us, but a main line Zelda game has never released in summer. One has never released outside of the holiday season to be honest (correct me if I’m wrong) and I really don’t see that trend changing with BotW. I hope I’m wrong, I really don’t want to wait another year.

    1. It’s possible it could change if we go by the amount of changes to the Zelda formula in the game itself. I mean, who honestly thought we’d one day be able to make Link jump ON COMMAND with the press of a button in an actual Zelda game without the use of the Roc’s Feather or Roc’s Cape items!?

  2. If Nintendo makes people wait another year. That’s a bad move. I for one will be over the hype as I’m already dwindling down. Some people get tired of waiting and the hype and excitement is deflated.
    Not saying nobody will care anymore like the last guardian but I won’t be jumping for joy when it finally does release. I lll just think, wow…sad it took that long.
    I’m still jaded it didn’t release on Wii U back 2015!

  3. Laura is very credible so I’m definitely believing this news. A June release date means that BOTW will be a launch window Switch release and that’s ok. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it I wanted BOTW to be a launch day title more than anything but if Nintendo can give us a better experience by delaying it then I’m all for it

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  5. The real reason for this delay is that we’ll get Mario and Skyrim Remastered on day one, these two games could hurt BoTW’s sales as BoTW could hurt the sales of both. Its smart to spread first party titles to keep the momentum.

  6. So many people being super positive about BotW possiblyou being pushed further back AGAIN. I am really annoyed that Nintendo is doing this. I really hope Switch is worth all the hype but so far all I been reading is a ton of old ports heading over to it. Xenoblade X is being ported and I have no idea why. I wish instead of ports, Nintendo would work on new titles for this system. Happy to hear a new Mario title will likely release for it though. I hate that I am being so pessimistic about the new system but honestly I’ve always been super supportive and optimistic with Nintendo but I’ve been feeling a bit let down with the lackluster performance and support Nintendo’s home consoles have been getting so it’s hard not to be critical with them now. If the Switch has a lot of cool games at launch I will get it within the first 6 months of release.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Of course they are working on new weapons, you don’t seriously think High Command spent 5 human years in creating our new machine just to put old weaponry on it?…||

  7. Laura Dale over Emily “Rumors” Rogers any day ! Seriously though it makes Skyrim more relevant as a launch title and it’ll be win win as 3rd parties can see that Switch owners will buy 3rd party games and Zelda can be fine tuned to perfection cuz honestly even the “bad” Zelda games are more epic than most of the garbage out there so … As far as hype levels? A sparkly The Legend of Zelda : Breath of The Wild Nintendo direct will ignite your hype levels again before the game is released ;)

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