Laura Dale: Dark Souls 3 Running On Switch, From Considering Trilogy ReRelease

One of the rumours that has popped up today is that From Software, the developers behind the Dark Souls franchise, have the latest game in the series up and running on the Nintendo Switch. That’s not the only thing as Laura Dale is also reporting that From Software are also deciding on the financial viability of re-releasing the past Dark Souls trilogy on the Nintendo Switch including their DLC.


Thanks to Retrogaminglord for the tip!


      1. Plus we get all the newest games. I just finished DOOM, and my God, the campaign mode is addicting, fun, and just wow.
        So I agree with you. Nextbox fans have nothing to complain about! :]

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      2. Omg Mike. I’m the only person I know who plays the campaigns on FPS (I’m not into the multi-player, except Battlefield1) , and you can tell in DOOM, the devs poured their soul into the campaign mode. It’s truly fun as Hell, pun intended. I got it for $20 on sale. If it came to switch, I would totally buy it again, but the problem is, the port will probably be $40-$60, Nintendo fans won’t want to pay up… Or will they? We’ll see if switch can break the Nintemdo-mold.

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      3. I hope so, but DOOM is not family friendly and Mass Effect 3 was not only polished, but it was the definitive version for a while, people didn’t buy that. Or BlackList. Or ZombiU(although I don’t really believe ZombiU did that bad)
        So we will see. I’ll pull my weight when the time comes. :) If Bethesda or whoever can get DOOM running on Switch, that will lay to rest my hardware concerns. It is wickedly beautiful, and smooth as silk, even on xBox1 original console.

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      4. Care to share your GT? Sounds like you cleaned up during the Black Friday sale like I did. I rarely have time to play during the week lately but in case we have any games in common it could be cool to hsve you added. I’m also planning to get a Switch day one and would be down to add people on that too when the time comes.

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      5. I think it’s “Moodeeb” – but I’ll verify.
        I’m also not online much but it would be fun to bump into a couple MNN folks.


      6. I’ll have to buy that now. It seems like none of the big FPS games have a decent campaign any more. They all focus too heavily on multiplayer.


      7. Yup. I just got an Xbox One S because Nintendo STILL hasn’t told us what games will be on the system. Loving it so far. I finally got to play Arkham Knight. Can’t wait for ME Andromeda.

        Going to get BotW for my Wii U and wait at least a year before I buy a Switch.

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      8. Outside of Halo, Gears Of War and maybe Forza none of the other Xbox exclusives are even worth a damn. The Killer Instinct franchise has been destroyed by Microsoft in terms of quality….glad I sold mine

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      9. I don’t know much about exclusives, but the games you can get on Xbox are fucking awesome. Don’t forget they get Scale bound as an exclusive also.
        Really, that’s a good way to pick your box. I don’t care about final fantasy, but I love Gears and what I’ve seen of Scale bound. So it was easy for me.

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      10. I like all of those franchises more than their PS counterparts. You get all major third party games, unlike Nintendo. Doom, XCOM, Mass Effect, Arkham, MGSV, Wolfenstein etc… They’re actually pretty good and fun.

        Oh and I can play bluray movies with it.

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      11. WOLFIENSTIEN! Another outstanding game that got overlooked. I finished that a month ago and will play through again, but right now DOOM has my undivided attention. The Map Builder is fun, but I haven’t got to break it in yet! And yes, those are some fun games!

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      12. My plan exactly. There were some great sales. I got Recore, DOOM and Rise of Tomb Raider for $20 each!
        WiiU is my Xenoblade machine, and I can’t wait for BotW, but who knows when that will come out. :/

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    1. Yes. I’ve been with the series since Demon Souls (Sony owns that IP). They are great games. Some have described the Souls series as “an adult version of Zelda.” The exploration in the first is incredible. I’ll be getting this series, if it comes to Switch.

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  1. Cool. If this were EA we’d be getting a full price port of DS3 while everyone else got the Trilogy at the same price.

    Joking aside I think collections are the perfect things to port to build a fan base. I’d be willing to try Bioshock: The Collection if we got it.

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    1. It actually concerns me that Nintendo fans may not buy higher price versions to pay for the cost to port. If Nintendo fans want great games for cheap, they just need to pick up another gaming box. It only takes a couple months for even the great games to go on sale, where in contrast Nintendo games very rarely go on sale. I thought I would be spending $60 bucks a pop for big titles when I bought my x1, but I have come to realize it’s more expensive buying games for Nintendo consoles, if they come to Nintendo at all. :(


      1. There’s what you said and then there’s shitty moves like Mass Effect 3 costing the same on Wii U as the entire Trilogy collection on other consoles that released less than a month later. If a game releases a year or more later there should be some kind of incentive other than “new console” to justify releasing at full price.

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  2. We shouldnt complain about getting ok’d games on switch. The switch is supposed to be the thing where you can play ANYTHING, ANYWHERE!


  3. I tried dark souls on xbox 360 and got my ass handed to me. I traded it in soon after. Haven’t played one since but I did enjoy what I played till the frustration got the best of me lol. I’d definitely jump on this if it came. I’d be incentive to actually play blood borne beforehand. Bought it but never played it.. I’m too scared :x


  4. I’m definitely getting this collection if this rumor ends up being true. I played the first Dark Souls game and loved it but never the other two. If the Dark Souls Trilogy comes to the Switch I’ll buy it and yes I’m being biased lol

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