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Here’s A Look At Seasons Of Heaven Exclusive To Nintendo Switch

French publication Gamesblog has lifted the lid on an upcoming Nintendo Switch title which is titled Seasons of Heaven. The game is developed by French video game studio AnyArts Productions. It follows the adventures of a young boy Yann who has Aspergers syndrome and his bulldog Ani. The game is up and running on Unreal Engine 4 and you can switch between the two characters. Here’s a description of the game:

Nina and Ana are the children of the leader of a group of survivors. They learn to work in a new world, remembering every day that arrogance and omnipotence of Man were right … their planet. But her he passes before the end?

He tells … and this among other young Yann Asperger’s syndrome and his French bulldog Ani, Elise and Tim’s parents, James, Sarah, their son Thomas. Nico Augusto did you then visit the dark and Paradise.


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  1. The story of this game sounds fantastic, and it’s visuals look great too. I’m glad they decided to make the new character have Asperger’s, but I wonder how that will effect gameplay. I hope this game can shine a positive light on something that is far too often seen as negative. I hope the gameplay is good too, but I’m curious what it will be like

    1. Remember that even if those images are in game engine it doesnt mean itll be the end product. A console will handle a vertical slice at a higher resolution with higher detail than it will a full game. We’ve seen this many times with the actual game getting a graphical downgrade in the end.

      Its not a bad thing, they usually dont look so bad, but its always safe to assume that unless youre looking at a game that has gone gold, it probably wont look the same. Ubisoft is actually a big culprit when it comes to this.

              1. Not that I can recall, but according to the article this game isnt developed by Nintendo, but by a 3rd party. AnyArts, and as far as i know, its a new development team.

              2. It seems my wording is off… I mean, Nintendo has never dumbed down their videogames prior to E3, to my knowledge. If they have, or if I’m just not understanding your reply, let me know.

                1. I understood you, here ill make it easier and stick to your question.

                  As far as I can remember, Nintendo hasnt had a problem were the games they show off at E3 or any reveal, ends up getting a graphical downgrade. Or at least not one were its painfully obvious like the ubisoft games. Or even that uncharted picture above.


                  There is that video comparing the 2011 tech demo, with the 2014 zelda demo and current gamplay footage. The only comparison that counts there is the 2014 demo with current footage. Were the lighting and shading is better on the 2014 demo. But again, its not a dramatic difference ala Ubisoft games.

  2. damn, did they release this info way too soon. doesn’t nintendo want to hold back on info for anything switch related until january?

  3. The graphics look good. Also the idea of a main character with asperger syndrome certainly sounds interesting, but I wonder how they’re gonna work that into the game. Will any symptoms be apparent? It’s nice when devs add little touches like that to a character. I really liked how Ness suffered from asthma attacks in Earthbound.

    What’s with that description though? Is it a bad translation or something?

          1. Thanks for that. Wow the translation above is terrible. I’ll try my best to give a clearer translation. My French is a bit shaky though.

            “Nina and Ana are the children of the leader of a group of survivors. They learn to evolve in a new world, recalling every day that the arrogance and omnipotence of humans is the reason… for their Planet. But what will happen in the end?

            It tells of… and presents among others the youth Yann, afflicted by Asperger syndrome, and his french bulldog Ani; Elise and Tim, his parents; James, Sarah, and their son Thomas.”

            The last sentence of the quote says “Nico Augusto vous fait alors visiter les ténèbres et le Paradis.” I’m not sure who or what Nico Augusto is, but the rest of it seems to say that you visit heaven and the darkness when you’re done. Hope that helps.

            1. Hm, sounds like itll be very story heavy, I hope so. Im no so sure who these guys are but im hoping theyll pull it off. One thing that was bugging me about those pictures is that they remind me so much of that first Wii U tech demo we got back in like 2012, the one with the bird. Im no so sure about the date though.

  4. The graphics look (in)credible. I don’t know how they compare to PS4 graphics, but those screenshots are definitely the real thing!

  5. I do not know if I will be buying it but I can that it looks nice and if it does pique my interest then I may consider.

  6. The game looks amazing visually I just hope it plays great too. I definitely keep an eye out for this one it looks like it has good potential

    1. The lead character might be very aggressive and risk-taking. They might also show sings of other branches of autism

  7. wow … love how this looks. Story sound very interesting…most likely gonna pick this game up with my brand new switch

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  9. Lol. Nope. Not buying it. Unknown dev isn’t going to be able churn out visuals that look like this on a handheld. This hasn’t been downscaled to work on Nintendo’s hardware yet. That much is clear. People need to accept the fact that you don’t buy a Nintendo console for its graphical capability. You just don’t. Buy a PS4 or an XB1 for that, or hell, build a high end PC.

    1. The PS4 and Xbox One’s specs feature midrange to low end GPUs…..low end really by today’s standards. The PC is the only gaming platform that offers the very best in terms of graphical capabilities, consoles are suppose to be a different alternative because those devices can never compete with gaming rigs because of how fast technology evolves so again the ONLY gaming platform to get if you want to get cutting edge graphics is the PC but if you want a different gaming experience like no other platform and the best exclusives then the Switch will be the clear cut choice

  10. Okay, if this runs smooth and in real time on the Nintendo Switch, then everyone who´s saying the console is weak should get his ass kicked!
    This looks fucking awesome!!

  11. As someone with Aspergers-Autism myself, I’m curious to see how they represent that in his character and in the gameplay.

    On the one hand, I’m worried it might come off as mildly insulting.

    On the other hand, I find it amusing to imagine that I might play it and be confused why everyone thinks it is representing the condition so well (if they nail it), because from my perspective, “He seems perfectly Normal to Me”.

    Sort of like how when I went to work in Wyoming for the summer and people commented on how they loved my Minnesotan accent, and I was like … “What Accent?”.

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