Video: Shigeru Miyamoto & The Roots Performed The Super Mario Bros. Theme On The Tonight Show

Nintendo’s time in the spotlight on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon wasn’t just to show off a couple of games. At one point on the show, Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots did a performance of the Super Mario Bros. theme. Video of the performance was uploaded to YouTube, and we’ve included the video down below.



  1. Tjis is why I LOVE Jimmy Fallon for even having Miyamoto sit in on guitar with the Roots for a Super Mario Bros Theme.

    Triple the pleasure baby!!!
    Fav Hip Hop Group: The Roots
    Fav Video Game Dev: Nintendo
    Fav Late Night talk show: Jimmy Fal

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    1. The order of the strings on a guitar, are set up with right handed people in mind. It is just easier to learn it that way rather than get or modify a left handed guitar.


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