Video: Dragon Quest XI Footage For Nintendo 3DS And PlayStation 4

This year’s Jump Festa 2017 stage event played host to some brand new footage for the highly anticipated Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time for the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation 4. Square Enix’s blockbuster RPG will launch for both platforms in 2017. However, no mention was made of a Nintendo Switch version nor was it listed on the teaser website which you can view right here. Here’s a look at both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4 builds of the game. Nintendo 3DS footage can be seen at the 12 minute mark.

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  1. i love dq7 and 8 on playstation,i’ll probably get the switch version.
    graphics look awesome,i love the art style.

  2. So will the English title for the game (if it gets localized) be ”In Search of Departed Time”? Sounds kinda awkward for a title to me.

  3. So will these two be the same game on both versions cus I wanna get both but it’s pointless if they feature the same exact text, locations etc. just different visuals.

  4. My only complaint would be from what I saw when he was smashing barrels on the top screen of the 3ds version the barrels did not show up on the bottom screen. Which leads me to believe you will not actually be able to play the game with the classic NES visuals. It seems like its just there for show, and you have to actually follow the top screen. I hope im wrong on this, because that was my main motivation for buying the 3ds version. I wanted to play the entire game with the classic visuals.

  5. Is it really that hard to show actual gameplay footage? I want to see a video of a actual battle to see if they screw it up by not keeping to the traditional turn-based battle system. People get way too excited over FMV’s that show no real idea of what the game is like..

  6. What I want to know, square, is if this game is ever coming to the West.

    On another note, the characters look a bit more different in this DQ…less whimsical and more serious, I think? Though at least none of them look like a DBZ character this time to me ;p Well, it’s not like they look bad or anything. I just hope the monsters keep their playful designs.

    Also, blue haired dude looks like DQ 6’s protagonist a lot. huh.

  7. I just hope this game gets localized.

    Because I don’t think we’ve heard any word on if it is or isn’t yet.

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