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Analyst Believes Nintendo Switch Resolution Will Be WQHD To 1080p

The Nintendo Switch reveal is getting closer and closer and this has led to analysts throwing out wild predictions about the handheld console. Ace Research Institute analyst Yasuda believes that the system will be Wide Quad High Definition and that the internal bus speed will be 5Gbps. It is also likely that the VR patent that surfaced online a few days ago is simply a patent and won’t be something used at launch.


  1. WQHD?! We’re talking 1440p here, that’s crazy after all of the supposed spec leaks we’ve heard. It would be close to PS4 Pro strength. I’d take this with a large grain of salt.

    1. Aside from being crazy its just safe to assume that nintendo has 0 reason to do this when we are talking about a console with the screen size slightly bigger than a wii u pad.

      1. makes sense for media consumption but i doubt games will run at that res also it may be cheaper to source higher res displays seeing as not many things run at 720p apart from small phones like below 4.5 inches

  2. I don’t give a Diddy Kong if its 720

    I just want to play quality games like the days of old. I cant fall asleep quick enough everyday to bring on March!

  3. This seems to contradict every Eurogamer report on the Switch so far. Feels more like the analyst is assuming rather than actual knowing things. 1080p in portable mode will kill the battery.

  4. The only thing bugging me about this is the fact that they say that the head mounted display patent won’t be used…. i was really hoping for something similar to the Virtual Boy.. but better when using the HMD.

    1. If the Switch doesn’t have a gyroscope then it can’t be used for VR because it would have no way to detect head movement.

  5. Yes. This must be true. Just like those clock speeds. And Breath of the Wild isn’t coming to the Wii U. And the Switch tablet will have a 900p display. And a 720p display. And it will be using Maxwell architecture.

  6. Why aim for a resolution that’s not really a standard TV resolution? All this would do is stretch the Switches resources thin. I mean, I suppose devs can use checkerboard rendering to do that and preserve image quality but it just seems like a lofty goal.

      1. Yea, but that is just an option if devs can’t get their games running at 2160p, it’s not goal set by Sony. In this case, he’s suggesting that hardware better suited for 1080p games wll run them at that resolution in its less capable mode and overextend itself for 1440p.
        the claimed clocked speeds in both modes (768 docked, 307.2 portable) show a possible 2.5% increase in performance when docked. That makes sense as 1080p pushes 2.25x more pixels than 720p. 1440p is only 1.5x more pixels than 1080p though.

    1. If you have a 1080p TV it wouldn’t switch to 1440p. But if you have 4K one, it would look better upscaled from 1440p.

      I believe it’s the same today for people who still have a 720p TV.

  7. SO what you’re saying is….
    The system will be a portable with a 720p 1080p 1440p screen, running on a X1 processor, running on an X2 processor, running on a custom processor based on the X1 processor, running on a custom processor based on the X2 processor, with Maxwell architecture, with Pascal architecture, will receive a power boost when docked, won’t receive a power boost when docked, will have commercially available different styled joycon controllers, won’t have commercially available different styled joycon controllers, will have a 32GB card limit, will be able to have cards bigger than 32GB, will have gyroscopes, won’t have gyroscopes, will have Zelda at launch, won’t have Zelda at launch, will have a Splatoon bundle, will have a Zelda bundle.

    Gee THANKS for clearing all this up, MyNintendoNews. Everything is right in line now…

    1. They listed things that are rumors as rumors. Not there fault you don’t know how to take in news.

  8. I’m inclined to agree with this rumor. If Nvidia is making this thing, and their prior tablet, the Shield K1 (which retails for $200 I will add), was 1080p, then I can’t see them backtracking to 720p.

  9. Takashi Mochizuki and Dr. Serkan Toto are actually the people you’d run into if you needed some video game industry insider info

    they have clean and perfect track records of all the stuff they spilled being right (that and actually do work in the industry via japan, china, WA/NY/DC, or wall street)

    meanwhile, duds like Emily Rogers just spout silly lies and grips on the “obvious” so they can be seen in the right. Also, be back by other phony “insiders” (who too been wrong in the past) to save face in certain situations.

    sad the most gullible keeps feeding them retweets and attention, it’s like they want to be fooled over and over again. (like a masochist)

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