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Kimishima Says That Nintendo Is Thinking About Releasing 2-3 Smartphone Games Per Year Starting In 2017

Nintendo’s mobile phone strategy has been quite a success, and it seems Nintendo President Kimishima and the rest of the company are wanting to take advantage of that. Kimishima has mentioned that Nintendo is thinking about releasing 2-3 smart phone games per year starting in 2017. The statement was translated on Twitter, and we’ve included the tweet down below.

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20 thoughts on “Kimishima Says That Nintendo Is Thinking About Releasing 2-3 Smartphone Games Per Year Starting In 2017”

  1. If they’re as good as SMR sign me up. Who can be mad at them making money off of phone users as long as it’s still clear that their main focus will always be consoles?

    1. Agreed. So long as they don’t stop making hardware, invading the mobile space should make 2ND rate developers nervous.

      If … IF Nintendo is successful in getting people to pay $10, we could also see a trend where mobile games begin charging more. I have half a dozen mobile games I would have paid way more than a dollar for. I’m just speculating, it could cause an upset in mobile pricing.

      I am really curious as to what percent of SMR gamers buy the full version. Nintendo has the numbers, if they are favorable, then they should release them. It will only help.

    1. Not dying, they have too much money for that right now. I would say, however, that the new CEO is demonstrating why he is CEO: he’s strictly business first. Honest opinion from me is that they are going to kill off making handheld as demonstrated with the Switch and go to portable with mobile. Smart move in my view is, no more disc cause it’s a pain for them to mass market disc with these long download installs. They can stay in in the handheld market with the hybrid switch system. They will selling off cartridges that are cheaper than when back in the day how expensive they were. If they sell it like a Vita with data plans or something crazy, it will be a big money maker on that end since I am curious to know how the Switch will play games online when you are outside with the tablet.

  2. As long as this doesn’t demand resources from potential proper games, it’s all good in the hood. It’s been my worry ever since they announced their involvement in the mobile game industry that they’ll start to switch focus, and we’ll be getting fewer real Nintendo games as a result.

      1. By resources, I meant developers and time. It’s possible that focus will be shifted, leaving us with fewer 3DS and Switch games in favor of more mobile games.

        1. I think you don’t realize what is the intention with the mobile games. Kimishima said many times that they will live in synergy with the dedicated console games, and, as I said before, expose Nintendo characters to a wider audience. It is advertising.

          1. I know that that’s what they’ve been saying, but plans might change, or they might’ve just been saying that to not cause dissatisfaction among fans. After all, it would’ve left them with a lot of angry, dissatisfied fans if they had admitted to it from the beginning. The Switch seems like it could be a transition to a fully portable market for Nintendo. I’m staying hopeful that none of that is the case, but it could be true.

    1. The DS is dying slowly and they see this. Resources from handheld is moving to mobile, and this artlcie highlights that. It seems likw rather spend get 10 dollars from people in massive crowds than 40 dollars in smaller numbers si

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