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The Devil’s Third Servers Have Officially Shut Down For Online Play

The few people who purchased Devil’s Third must brace themselves for disappointment today as the game’s official servers have shut down. We knew it was going to happen and we were given prior warning but it still doesn’t seem that long since the game was actually released. You can check out the message that you are now greeted with, below.



18 thoughts on “The Devil’s Third Servers Have Officially Shut Down For Online Play”

  1. Cool, now there’s no way to damage control this awful piece of garbage. No more “UURRR, BUT THE ONLINE MODE IS GREAT, REVIEWERS DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT, BUY THIS FOR THE MULTIPLAYER”.

  2. What’s really a shame is the direction the game ultimately went. It could have been a gem for multiplayer lover’s. The only footage I would continually watch was of the multiplayer play, and it looks like a way insane version of Time Splitter’s to me. Another amazing gem of a game, that sadly will probably never see a console again. Pretty sure there’s something going for PC or there was at one point.

  3. Those of us who played it to the end to the last second enjoyed the game alot. I don’t usually bond with people playing multi-player games but I did for this one. It was a good game. We’ll worth my money and time. I’m still playing the single player and enjoying that too. I’m glad I think for myself and judge games on my taste. If you didn’t like the game it’s fine to say so but bashing it helps no one. If I don’t like a game I will say I don’t like and give my reasons but I would leave it at that and not think about it anymore. Devil’s Third have a following and I hope the still plan on bring the PC only multi-player to the West.

  4. hence why online muli-player is a load of sh*t. Not just that game bull all the games with multiplayers capability. I am 100% behind Nintendo and Miyamoto-san when they don’t implement online multiplayer.

    I buy game and still play them years after. At the minute I am playing Pandora’s tower, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai tenkaichi 2 and Mario Kart Wii (not Mario Kart 8), it’s not what you would call the most recent game but two of them have multiplayer capability which is not there anymore.

    I would even not even think about buying tintafall 1 or even a COD.

      1. Same goes for you not everyone is the same as you.not having multiplayer is a blessing for some games. We won’t agree on this matter and that’s great. But tell me one thing what do you do with the game when the server is down or shut down for good? Are you just throwing the game in the bin?

    1. If you like Single player campaigns, I highly recommend CoD Black Ops 3. The campaign is a well written Sci-fi junky dream. If you can snag it for $20-25 bucks and like story driven FPS, it’s great. The only multiplayer I play is Battlefield 1. That’s pretty much it for me unless I jump on with my family in GTAV

  5. This is exactly why I tend not to buy games that only have online multiplayer and no local multiplayer. Online is bound to shut down eventually. In this game’s case not too long from launch. That would mean that the single player would have to be compelling enough to be the main reason to buy the game. For games like the Chronicles of Riddick games I feel that’s the case. For other games like this not so much. And that’s a shame cuz this game could’ve been great. But it fell flat on its face.

  6. Doesn’t this render the game completely useless (aside from the single player mode)? I wonder what happens to those online games in the future. Everyone collects classics. Imagine 50 years from now, when someone collects classic games, but can’t play any of them because the servers have been shut down decades ago.

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