Square Enix Reconfirms Dragon Quest X For Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has reconfirmed that Dragon Quest X is coming to Nintendo Switch. A launch window for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version has yet to be announced, but at least you can rest assured that it’s still in the works. The first major presentation about Nintendo Switch will take place this Thursday, January 12, at 8 p.m. PT. It will include the release date and pricing for the console, in addition to a look at the lineup of games currently in development.

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    1. Like always, they never said coming to the Switch in AMERICA…just like when it came to the Wii hype until localization confirmation..

  1. Now, will it ever Come to the U.S.?
    (don’t think the PC edition did…)
    With DQ XI arriving this year, I don’t see it.
    -But it seemingly does not have a Classic Story like the others that we’ll be missing out on, right?

  2. It actually does have a Story, I never got around to playing it, but it does have an Offline story mode

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