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Pokémon Sun & Moon Patch Now Available

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have unleashed a brand new patch for the best-selling Pokémon Sun & Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. The latest patch is version 1.1 and is available for download now. The patch is 296 blocks to download and fixes a glitch “with the moves Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento on Battle Spot and a glitch in regards to the winner of a game if Rocky Helmet knocks the opponent out when you’re knocked out. It also fixes the glitch where a Pokémon wouldn’t learn a move when it evolved such as with Kadabra and Confusion.” The download should start automatically when you boot the game up.


Thanks to magmoor




  1. Now I can’t watch my battle videos anymore! Thanks for shit, GameFreak!

    I wanted to prserve the one time I beat an opponent in a 3-on-6 battle, or my battle with Red, but now that’s gone now! Thanks.

    I wish I knew how to upload these battles from my save file.


      1. Is that really how it works? Wow, I mean it makes sense. I always did wonder why all the replays became unwatchable after updates, but I never once imagined this was the reason.

        The more you know.


    1. To be fair, this isn’t entirely on GameFreak as this is an issue for lots of video games & their developers. A number of PS4 games have this issue, too.


      1. I like how Bottles the Mole from Banjo Kazooie simply asked” do you need basic instructions ?” You select “no” and the dumb mole had nothing else to show.

        I wish Pokemon Sun and Moon were like that, so I can continue battling and away I go.

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