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Pokémon Sun & Moon Patch Now Available

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have unleashed a brand new patch for the best-selling Pokémon Sun & Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. The latest patch is version 1.1 and is available for download now. The patch is 296 blocks to download and fixes a glitch “with the moves Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento on Battle Spot and a glitch in regards to the winner of a game if Rocky Helmet knocks the opponent out when you’re knocked out. It also fixes the glitch where a Pokémon wouldn’t learn a move when it evolved such as with Kadabra and Confusion.” The download should start automatically when you boot the game up.


Thanks to magmoor



  1. Now I can’t watch my battle videos anymore! Thanks for shit, GameFreak!

    I wanted to prserve the one time I beat an opponent in a 3-on-6 battle, or my battle with Red, but now that’s gone now! Thanks.

    I wish I knew how to upload these battles from my save file.

    1. It’s not really there fault. It was the same thing with smash. Replays aren’t recordings, but simulations fights. And if an old fight plays with new mechanics, that could break the game.

      1. Is that really how it works? Wow, I mean it makes sense. I always did wonder why all the replays became unwatchable after updates, but I never once imagined this was the reason.

        The more you know.

    2. To be fair, this isn’t entirely on GameFreak as this is an issue for lots of video games & their developers. A number of PS4 games have this issue, too.

      1. I like how Bottles the Mole from Banjo Kazooie simply asked” do you need basic instructions ?” You select “no” and the dumb mole had nothing else to show.

        I wish Pokemon Sun and Moon were like that, so I can continue battling and away I go.

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