Wii U Gets 4K Treatment Via Emulator Update

Cemu, a profoundly experimental emulator for the Wii U that’s currently available on Windows PC, has been updated enabling 4k visuals on some of the consoles’ titles. The Wii U is capable of outputting visuals of 1080p but now users who upgrade to version have the option to adjust visuals to as high as 4k.

Folk who back the Cemu Patreon campaign get access to the update early whilst those who don’t can acquire it at a public release date of  January 16th.

There’s no denying that Super Mario 3D World does indeed look even more gorgeous when the visuals are ramped up. Check out the video below for a taster:

Sony’s PS4 Pro is out now which is capable of pushing high-end resolutions and with Microsoft’s Scorpio on the horizon it’s worth wondering what Nintendo’s view on hi-res gaming will be. Time will tell…



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  3. No online game play though this is useless right now for most games on the WiiU, plus they already look beautiful, like Bayonetta and such so.

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  5. OK, so the article. Lol
    Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about resolution IMO, I mean they let the Wii die a slow, painful, Standard Definition death, and the WiiU looked good, but they only put the bare minimum into bring graphics up to speed. I don’t think Nintendo will go 4K for the switch. Maybe not for a couple gens. I honestly don’t mind as long as the switch can be converted up to 4K. If they can push a solid 1080p, at 60 fps, and it could handle realistic effects well for 3rd party… I think I would be OK with that.

    1. I totally agree with you. 4K is nice ofc, but 1080p is more than enough for gaming, even 720p on small portable devices are relatively decent as well. What you always will notice is framedropes — I hate them. Keep 1080p 60fps in docking and I’m happy! I would be happy if the tablet gets a 1080p resolution since it has a 6.2″ screen, but it’s probably to much to ask of Nintendo. PS Vita had a 960×544 resolution, and even with the today’s standard it doesn’t look shabby at all. 720p on Switch will probably be fine.

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