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Here’s Some Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Accessories Via Hori

The officially licensed Nintendo Switch peripherals created by renowned third-party manufacturer Hori have leaked online. There is everything from screen protectors to an officially licensed Nintendo Switch Pro controller which looks a lot like an Xbox 360 controller. You can check out all the peripherals in the image gallery below.



  1. really neat I looked forward to getting a mario skin after I preorder the switch good thing the skins are $10.00 there definatly a good steal and the screen protectors look like you can touch them might be able to use a touchscreen

    1. Of course you can touch the screen with the protector on. It would be a bit pointless if you couldn’t.

  2. wow, Nintendo allowed another company to produce their own version of Switch Pro controller? that’s crazy… if it’s going to be cheaper and same quality (I don’t mind that it’s wired), I’m buying this version

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    1. They have in the past. There’s a special SNES controller specifically made for the Super GameBoy, a completely redesigned N64 controller, and a GameCube style Wii Classic Controller.

      1. That’s true, but it was a Gamecube controller on a Wii U, not an official controller for its console like a Wii U Pro Controller for the Wii U and so on

  3. I really like the Kickstand. It allows to play while charging.
    Also the Controller is really cheap: if really it’s only 29,99€, I will buy one.

    1. It’s really a shame that they put the only charging port at the bottom. It’s really not the kind of functionality that anybody should have to pay extra for.

  4. by the way, I don’t know what to think about the missing pair of shoulder buttons. it’s a great place to have two buttons on both sides, very efficient and usable, so they basically got rid of a very important convent aspect of a controller… I’m really curious how will they deal with it, maybe we won’t even notice that something is missing

      1. it has only one pair, I’m talking about the other one (so called ZL and ZR, presented on Wii U, New 3DS, and Wii controllers)

    1. Not sure what your talking about but there are both shoulder buttons and triggers on both joy cons, as well as on the Nintendo pro controller and the Hori one they are showing off here.

  5. I think the switch pro controller will be separate and it might be 30$ to get it. And I’m still aware that the switch will come in different colors because I can tell.

  6. I am waiting for a third party developer to release separate docks at launch because I have two TVs I really want to switch between. The current rumor is that Nintendo will make them 6 months after launch, but that is too late. I really need one as soon as it comes out.

    1. The problem is that if third parties want to make proper docks without Nintendo giving the go ahead, it might take them about as long to figure that out.

      The dock isn’t simply a charging station. The dock has two USB ports, a fan(required for clocking the system higher), and is the way the system connects to HDMI so the Switch sees it as a USB device with drivers and everything.

      1. I’ve only ever used it on the PS1. I remember it slowing down the game, which I didn’t think much of at the time. I guess it could be used in SSB to practice frame-perfect stuff.

  7. What makes me sad are the people thinking this confirms a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite port when that is far from unlikely in many ways.

    Either way, here’s to hopping it gets better fighting game support than the Wii U. There were only four fighters from what I remember.

  8. I just realized something the Switch does not having going for it as a handheld: the place where we’ll plug in a charger so we can continue to play it as a handheld is on the fucking bottom. That’s not very practical if you are laying back or relaxing on a bus ride or even riding in a vehicle at all if you aren’t the driver. :/

    1. Which reminds me, who is the fucking idiot at Nintendo that thought it’d be a great idea to have the god damn pocket for the stylus to be at the fucking bottom on the n3DS!? Do they not know the stylus wears over time & falls out of that pocket!? Bleh…

      1. Unless the switch screen flips like an ipad. Doubtful but possible, but can you put the cons on either way? Also doubtful

        Stupid place for a charger

        1. That a good idea but I’m doubting it too since the vents are at the top (hot air rises) but more so because the little indicators of where the Joy-Cons get slotted in is only on the top of the device so I’m betting there’s something that stops it from sliding out of the bottom.

  9. [Image #9]

    That better not imply what I think it’s implying, because it would be a major downgrade from the Wii U (Even the DS) if does.


    1. The rumors say it is multi-touch but it’s kind of pointless consider it’s docked replacement for touch is an IR pointer which can only simulate single touch.

      That’s just one of the stupid things that bothers me about this system. Every single thing that needed to be done to make a handheld and portable results in some really dumb patchwork.

      Yet the sad thing is that, if they didn’t combine the two and instead released a system that worked like Wii U but more powerful, with a better gamepad with better range, some idiots would give them shit for NOT making a hybrid.

  10. Hori makes some of the best pads. Look at the N64 mini Hori, their GC varients, their Super Fami and SNES pads… all as examples of how well they do in this territory. Honestly, I prefer wired controllers for pads like this anyway, so as long as it’s built well, this is a confirmed purchase for me. That, and quite honestly, this just looks a lot better than the Switch’s Pro pad.

      1. That’s what I’m hoping, maybe the new Marvel VS Capcom? I’m really hoping it means there will be a new Nintendo IP fighting game that is not Smash Bros. One can dream lol

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