Nintendo’s Stock Takes A Hit After Nintendo Switch Global Reveal

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the big unveiling of the Switch console and it would appear that investors aren’t massively positive about it. Right this minute Nintendo’s stock on Japan’s Tokyo Stock Exchange is down by almost 6% which translates into roughly 1,450 yen.

It’s not all doom and gloom as it’s still up by almost 10,000 yen in contrast to one of the company’s lowest points which we saw in July 2016.

Hopefully as more developers come forward with their ambition towards Nintendo’s new entry into the console market, the Big N’s stock will level out.



  1. This is a great time to buy stock. Stock always takes a dive after a console reveal. Smart people shall buy now.

    1. Why would the stock dip? Shouldn’t a new console entice current and new investors to buy buy buy?

      1. Investors are cautious because they only saw a few games revealed… they know there 80 titles in development, but at the same time they don’t know what it is, some are scared and taking their chances by selling right now….

        I am probably going to get stock in Nintendo now because of this… an increase will definitely happen when more trailers and announcements come about

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      2. By the way, the stock symbol you’ll want to use for Nintendo is NTDOY. that’s the symbol that’s traded OTC. Their other symbol is NTDOF, which is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  2. Saw this coming. Most of the posts I’ve seen on message boards are either positive or expectant though. Very few seem to be completely negative. This one gave me a good laugh.

    “$NTDOY the Samsung Note 7 was valued at $899…and it explodes. People are seriously complaining about $299??”

    1. Omega Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!) says:

      xD Just a bunch of cheapskates whining about price. Be lucky you sons of bitches aren’t in Brazil! If you think 300 bucks is expensive, you’re gonna die at the sight of Brazil’s prices!

  3. The bellyaching is more to do with the price from investors. I think they wanted that benchmark $250 to propel it passed the competition. They’ve given everything else they would have prayed for, a launch zelda and announced a new 3D Mario. I’m happy with the price, but as a former investor myself I do understand.

  4. I wasn’t that impressed – I had high hopes for loads of software and I was disappointed. Was thinking about pre-ordering a week ago but now it’ll be once the price drops and more software is announced. For the length of time they’ve been speaking about it it should have been significantly better!

    1. Same. I love the idea of Switch. I love my handheld Gaming. But the software lineup really fell short for me. Everyone who loved WiiU software like Splatoon and Mario had more reason to be excited…

      I want a Nintendo console that will let me do ALL my gaming so I don’t have to own two consoles. I don’t want to have to game on my X1 to play 3rd party games, I want my Nintendo games and 3rd party games on a Nintendo console, and I don’t think it’s going to happen. But I guess we don’t know that for sure yet…

      1. I think it hurts that the main launch title is the Legend of Zelda which I can buy for the Wii u and Mario kart Deluxe is a full price title I’ve already paid full price for and have been waiting for the additional DLC they announced over a year ago…..

      2. I really am upset at their 1st party offering, it’s shameful. They had all this time to prepare for the system, we had all these wii u droughts so they could prepare for the switch, and all they have is a game LONG overdue (zelda), Mario which won’t be ready till the holidays, an upgraded port of MK 8 (which lets be serious, even with the DLC, that game died when smash released), splatoon 2, which 1 just came out, and what some stupid wii sports game? Switch 1, 2? I thought we were getting away from stupid party games from the wii days and they changed their name to kill that attachment. But yes, here’s a $50 game that’s exactly that. Nintendo is so damn arrogant, I really hope the switch struggles. They need to struggle more cause they obviously haven’t learned their lesson yet.

  5. Investors always do this! Sony and Microsoft too saw a fall on their stock when they announced their consoles, so did Nintendo with the Wii U. Every time a company releases a console, their stock falls down soon after.

    The only thing those investors want is mobile! It’s a quick cash grabber, and since everyone has one or more cellphones nowadays, pay-to-win games fill those investors pockets with dirty money. If Nintendo had announced a mobile phone focused on pay-to-win, instead of a dedicated gaming console, their stocks would have raised by 10% instead.

    Seriously, investors don’t care about long term investments, they want money on the act!

  6. You realize this happened with PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Wii, GameCube, Xbox, Xbox One, 3DS, and even with a lot of Apple products.

  7. One of Nintendo’s most disappointing reveals if you ask me. Was it that bad? Nah, of course not. Was it bad enough to justice a drop a stock? Yep. Firstly, we can see they’re aiming for casuals…AGAIN. Did we really need motion controls and detachable controllers? This is just taking away from the console being more powerful. I’m seeing a very select few of third party support, not an abundance as we hope (this can obviously change). Once again we have more mediocre first party IPs such as ARMS.

    I was falling asleep watching the Switch Reveal presentation honestly.


  8. A game featuring Travis Touchdown
    1 2 Switch
    Tales series
    Disgaea 5 complete
    Bomberman R
    Street Fighter
    Skyrim portable
    Nba 2k whatever they name the new one
    SMT 5
    Fire Emblem Warriors
    SM Odyssey
    Xenoblade 2
    LoZ @ Launch
    Pokemon Stars
    That RPG made by the same team that developed Bravely Default… Octopath i think
    Dragon Quest X
    Dragon Quest 11
    Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2
    Splatoon 2
    Project Sonic 2017
    Sonic Mania
    Unannounced title by Retro
    Mario Kart Deluxe
    Pikmin 4
    Nobunagas Ambition
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    Yooka Laylee
    This is just some stuff that we know is in development and/or coming to it this year or on launch.

  9. I can totally understand this. There is not even one exclusive system seller at launch. I’m still angry at those lazy Nintendo basterds that couldn’t even make a single convincing launch game (Zelda is a port), even though they abandoned the Wii U 2 years ago. What the fuck have they been doing?!!

    1. They been preparing their stupid little show antics, thinking if they act cute enough, their stupid fanboys will overlook the obvious. I used to like them and their goofiness, now it’s pissing me off cause they just shit on us. They had ALL this time with wii u droughts and have nothing to show us. A long overdue game, Zelda (which, in all honesty, may turn out to be the worst zelda ever. I hope not, but most people don’t think, if the game is REALLY as big as they say, will it continue to hold interest? I still see lots of empty landscape, not much filling in. I like to 100% my zelda games, as many do. If the game is TOO big, it may eventually grow tiresome. I hope that’s not the case, but it’s been my fear since day 1. I hope it’s the best yet), MK 8 Deluxe, splatoon 2 (fans either loved or hated it, so I wouldn’t have gone with that as a launch window title), and a few stupid wii sports-like games. Oh and Mario which comes out for the holidays. 3rd party offerings are pretty weak. Skyrim? Meh. Fifa? LOL. Bomberman got me happy, but that’s not a huge game to many people. Do we really need FOUR FUCKING dragon quest games? I was so pissed when they announced heroes 1 & 2. I was sitting there hoping and preying for Kingdom Hearts 3 or FF7, but no, lets give you 2 MORE of a series you’re already gonna have 2 of! Yay! Not gonna be tired of that series at all after launch! Xenoblade 2? Can we get over the xenoblade already? You’re killing it. All in all, this is shameful and arrogant if nintendo really thinks this is enough or even slightly impressive. They gave us exactly what they felt they had to, absolutely nothing more. Zelda, mario, new system, good enough!

  10. Well considering there were like no release games and barely any games coming out soon makes it look like a fail.
    Nintendo is going to be riding on Zelda and an old Mario Kart to keep people busy the first few months.
    I feel overall less excited now than before the reveal, but Zelda stI’ll sold it for me.
    I’m waiting for a new Smash, Animal Crossing, and a few more.
    Just hope Zelda will keep me busy for a while so my Switch doesn’t end up like my Wii U and 3DS gathering dust until I sell them

  11. Launch lineup is pretty lackluster apart from Zelda, but with that not being an exclusive, it makes it less impressive that it’s the biggest aspect of the launch. If Mario Kart 8 Deluxe had been at launch or Splatoon 2 a little closer to launch than the June – September “Summer” that nintendo really enjoys, it probably would have been met very positively. As a nintendo fan, it’s fine and dandy for the most part, but if I was an investor I’d be reluctant to invest in Nintendo right about now.

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