The Loads Of Coins Event Has Begun in Super Mario Run

To celebrate a month since Super Mario Run’s release, Nintendo have started the Load of Coins event in Super Mario Run. Players will get 1.5 times more coins when they win Toad Rally matches. The event will last ten days, ending on January 26, 2017. Are you still playing Super Mario Run? Tell us below.

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  1. Virtually every mainstream news review panned Mario Run because they ‘beat it in 10 minutes’. I have at least 30 hours into it and am not even close to having all the black coins. I estimate I’ll get at least 60 hours of playtime out of this game. And I loathe mobile phone games. It’s so frustrating to see reviewers review something that they don’t even try to understand, and who have obviously never played a single Mario game.

  2. Really no need. 3 levels are just repetitive. Maybe if they let us do the 1st castle. Toad Rally is nice once or twice, but with tickets needed, eventually you’ll be blocked from them. Can’t build much, you so more reptitiveness.

    The whole thing seems more like a minigame than anything else. Only no full game to go with it. Nowhere near worth $10 to open it up.

  3. Play this game frequently and only beat like 3 worlds. Toad Rally is great when you start playing against better players.

  4. How about fixing the 9999 toads that have been collected? I think if the numbers went on people would play more instead of getting bored and putting the game down after the many hours putting into the game. Just make sence, love the new items that become available to biy, in high hopes more items are added, the game is good, but yet far from great as the game itself does need some improvements in minor areas.

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