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Nintendo Switch Launch Title 1-2-Switch To Feature At Least 20 Minigames

1-2-Switch, one of the few launch titles for Nintendo Switch, will feature at least 20 minigames for players to dabble in. This number includes Ball Count, Copy Dance, Eating Contest, Milk, Quick Draw, Samurai Training, Table Tennis, Air Guitar, Safe Crack, Soda Shake and Runway. 1-2-Switch is touted as Nintendo’s first game in which players compete while staring into each other’s eyes instead of at the TV screen. Priced at $49.99, it will be released alongside the Nintendo Switch console on March 3.





      1. You’re acting like I think that’s a lot. It’s not. It’s more than would be necessary for updates, though. I’d like to reemphasize the compatibility with up to 2 TB microSD cards. That’s the more important part of my claim. Neither quantity is necessary without downloadable titles. Also, they’ve already stated that the eShop will be on the Switch.


  1. I feel sorry for the people that will buy this for 50 bucks. Dumbasses…

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  2. The Clergy of the Church of Sasori approves of this man’s message.
    Nintendo has been called out for their sins…
    The Kyoto whore has been exposed for her fornication with the Casuals.
    N Dub Nation ass hurt in 3… 2… 1…


  3. Nintendo just made another phenomenon with 1 2 switch! I cant wait to have a blast next switchmas! This is like wii sports all over again, but better…. 20 fun minigames i can play with my grandma, mom and the whole family! its a great time to be a nintendo fan!

    The nintendo switch is goimg to dominate, all you haters need to gtfo this website! Theres not anything wrong wity the switch you brats!

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    1. ||And you still returned which you’ve said you wouldn’t, none can escape Nintendo forever…||


      1. Its because the switch is the new wii u……. meaning another complete fail. The wii u has been dead for a long time sooo nothing left to say.

        Anyway for real its a shame really, nintendo, the switch pretty much burried them. Im literally not even excited for in thing on it, and ir looks to be abithrf bareboned weak console. The fan in me is basically dead lol. I wouldn’t even buy the switch and im not but my brother is for some reason so i guess i might buy a game or two lol

        No sale from me nintendo

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  4. Personally, I felt insulted by this game. It was facepalm worthy. It’s just another casual shovelware title, like SO many Wii games of the past. Is anyone actually excited over this? Or even for ARMS? Because I’m sure not.

    Even seeing a game like 1-2 Switch on the Nintendo Switch is disturbing. It just goes to show that the Switch will be flooded with casual crap, just like the Wii was. But lets hope there’s a lot more GOOD games this time as well.

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    1. I did too. This is a complete atrocity. Also, I hate mini games.

      As I previously said, the only game which I am interested in is Both, which is coming to the Wii U. I’ll go for this version, no doubt about it.

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  5. I think what Nintendo isn’t understanding is that Nintendo Land and Wii Sports were glorified tech demos just like this game seems. But they were both pack in games that had enough fun and some depth in them to make them worth owning. Personally I like Nintendo Land more than Wii Sports. Easy to play but great depth and asymmetrical gameplay in a celebration of Nintendo IPs. This game just looks too shallow. Like something people will have fun with ten minutes then get bored of it. $10 is justified. Not $50

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  6. ||At least 20% of you in this base against this civilian tool will still buy it whether it’s on launch day or in the future…||

    ||It is unavoidable, it is your cattle nature…||


  7. I have some questions about some of these announced “games”…

    #1. Ball Count – Is this supposed to be played in the nude?

    #2. Eating Contest – Why?

    #3. Milk – Any suggestions on what you could say if one of your friends walked in and caught you playing this game.

    #4. Table Tennis – How do you play table tennis while facing each other with an invisible ball…

    #5. Soda Shake – Is this right? So you grip your Joy-Con, then jerk it off as fast as you can and when the times up you spray it on each other? And whomever had the most in the tank wins?

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    1. 1, 2 Switch! Bringing new forms of foreplay prior to sex! xD


  8. This game should be $30 or $35 maximum. this price will drop quickly, Nintendo’s missing a gold oportunity to show what the Joy-Cons are capable of with this game packed in, obviously this was very cheap to produce, it’s seems NIntendo will give it for free to early Switch adopters, I gues after E3 it’ll be in a bundle, and certainly on holidays they will realease a Super Mario Odissey bundle.


  9. Why do so many people claim that cartridges are cheaper to manufacture than discs, and therefore don’t cost as much as disc games (I’ve read things with many people saying that)? Well, $50 for a casual game like this says, that’s a load of crap! I was hoping Switch games would be cheaper, due to being cartridges. But it sounds like they’re just as expensive as games has always been. Does Nintendo think that $50 (instead of $60) makes a huge difference?


  10. The comment thread speaks volumes.
    I thought I would at least try to get one after the pre order choas, but now I’m more leaning to skip it altogether. Zelda Wii U will satisfy my want for an amazing game, and I’m really interested in seeing how this Console works for Nintendo. They need a complete reset, just make a high end console already! It CAN be done by Nintendo.

    Man, it feels like I’ve been saying that for years…


  11. This game should have been a pack in title with the Switch, just like Wii Sports was a pack in title with the Wii. Not as a separate purchase.

    I will admit that the game looks fun, but no way in hell I’ll buy it for $50. I’ll wait till this get into the bargain section.


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