As we draw ever closer to the Nintendo Switch release date of March 3rd, Japan looks like it’s gearing up for what is hopefully going to be a successful launch. With the 3DS still doing considerably well in the territory and the Wii U not so much, it’s humbling to see Japanese fans getting in early to secure themselves a pre-order for the new console. Take a peek at some of the queues below:

Compare this to Xbox One’s pre-order lines and you can see a stark difference:





  1. Come on, MNN, are you really comparing it to the Xbox One lines when you know the Xbox has always sold awful in Japan because no one wants it? (Forgot the reason why). At least try to use a console that was more popular.

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  2. Let’s see… I have the default color Switch and BotW preordered at GameStop, as well as a limited edition copy of Disgaea 5, off of their website.


  3. Although i’m sure that the XboxOne was probably empty all day, those pictures could have been taken at anytime. An un-populated photo of the Switch line could have been taken as well as I’m sure the Switch line was empty before they allowed people into it. Any photos of the Wii U line? I’m sure it was full too.

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  4. As I said before, and it’s beginning to happen, the Switch was created to combat the Vita in Japan and claim ps vita’s 3rd party developers, not western 3rd party developers. If you were to pay attention to Japan’s mobile market almost everything Nintendo did with the Switch makes sense, except how Nintendo is handling the Switch’s online service.

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  5. I wonder how many of those people actually ended up with a Switch preordered.


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