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Zombie Vikings Port May Come To The Nintendo Switch In The Future

Game developer Zoink has teased about their title Zombie Vikings getting a Switch port in a recent Tweet. The title is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Tweet advises they are “just playing around a bit” whilst asking fans what they think of it and if they wan’t to play. The Tweet also shows two people playing with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

Whilst the company aren’t 100% certain on whether Zombie Vikings would actually come to the Nintendo Switch, this shows that there’s at least hope for it happening in the future. The title is yet to come to a Nintendo console as it had previously been cancelled for the Wii U in May last year.

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  1. Zombie Vikings is a really good game! It’s hilarious, and actually has some depth for an action sidescroller. I just finished beating it on PS4.

  2. Meh… I’d prefer to have The Lost Vikings.

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