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Yooka-Laylee: Wii U Backers Will Be Able To Switch To Switch Version At End Of Month

The immensely fun looking Yooka-Laylee is due for release in a few months and some backers of the 3D platformer opted to go for the Wii U version over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, as we know the Wii U version was recently canceled in favour of a Nintendo Switch version so many will be wondering when they can transfer their purchase over. Well, the team at Playtonic have announced that they will be able to do just that at the end of the month. So have no fear you’ll be able to switch to the Nintendo Switch version soon if you backed the game.

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  1. And play the Switch version by the end of the next year.
    Probably will face some technical difficulties, as in “we technically don’t want to work on it anymore”.

      1. I could care less.
        This is pretty much the reason I do not kickstart.
        If they were going to screw their backers over, at least they should have been upfront about it.

  2. I purchased this on Steam and I might purchase it on PS4 too just to give these developers the support they deserve.

    I can’t put into words how eager I am to start playing this game.

      1. Dont forget your girl Grunty the rhyming Witch wont come to the Switch. How sad I have a replacement, no more Grunty Industries talking from the basement.

        1. Grunty Industries was just an abomination. I know I for one do NOT miss that stage AT ALL, good riddance to it I say.

      2. Not really it’s nice to see new characters get their chance at shining. As much as I enjoyed the Banjo games Yooka Laylee looks a lot nicer to me but that said I just hope we don’t end up disappointed with it.

    1. I personally think a Banjo Kazooie successor needs to be played on a Nintendo console. That’s just me, though.

    2. If you have a laptop that can handle gaming, this is probably a difficult choice for you to make since both a gaming laptop & a Switch have the ability to either be played portable or on your television since most TVs allow you to use it as a bigger screen for computers.

  3. PS4 or Switch. Decisions, decisions.

    1. ||Well if you aren’t going to buy even this weapon for the Switch, then people shouldn’t blame Nintendo for lack of third class weaponry when the same people don’t buy them in the end…||

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