Rule Changes At Prolific Smash Bros. Tournament Causes Upset Amongst Finalists

Genesis 4, the team behind the Wii U Super Smash Bros. contests, are under fire with some competition entrants demanding compensation for what occurred recently at the weekend. During an intense match between players going by the names of Japanese visitor Rei “Komorikiri” Furukawa and “Captain Zack” Lauth, the damage ratio seemed to change on their final battle.

Damage ratio in Smash Bros. determines what level of knock-back is applied to each players’ moves and can undoubtedly sway a match if you’re training at the set competition standard. The higher the percentage, the more the player will be effected and not always will work to your advantage

In their last game it was noticed that the damage ratio percentage changed from the competition standard of 1.0x to 0.9x. The tournament organisers were first to be blamed but the they were quick to point out that it may of been one of the players to change the setting. Although this seems insignificant, there was a hefty cash prize up for grabs ($8000) and when tournament standards are tweaked unknowingly; there is bound to be an uproar from the community.

Do you play Smash Bros. competitively or is the thought of harsh rule conditions enough to turn you off the idea?



  1. I play smash pretty seriously (go to local tournaments and host my own), and I would be upset also. Even the smallest change of a rule like this can drastically altered the outcome of games. Very unprofessional if this is the tournament’s fault, and if it was done by a player then their winnings should be stripped. Just my two cents.

    1. That’s pretty interesting. I was wondering “1.0 to 0.9, that doesn’t seem like a drastic change to alter the outcome”. Then I remembered the insane amount of skill and technique that’s required just to stand a chance in a game like Smash Bros. :|

      1. “Do you play Smash Bros. competitively or is the thought of harsh rule conditions enough to turn you off the idea?”

        Still not relevant to the actual story, but the article did raise the question.

    1. The most competitive I play is Smash against my sister, no items, final destination. It can be quite fun, but the fact that a match can be decided because one of us fell into the abyss should tell enough.

    2. As Alex said who cares, but seriously if you’re playing with the intention of winning you’re playing competitively; just not on a competitive platform that holds any real consequences.

      1. “Do you play Smash Bros. competitively or is the thought of harsh rule conditions enough to turn you off the idea?”
        That’s literally what the article said at the end, his opinion on it is relevant.

  2. Actually, it was later pointed out that the whole match as well as the match before that were played with the 0.9 knockback multiplicator (players calculated the knockback of certain moves afterwards). It’s still not known when and how the option was changed

  3. Compensation is absolutely ludicrous – it is what it is now. What you do is apologise, punish whoever is responsible (for example if it was one of the players, fining the prize money or a tournament ban or something like this), and take measures to ensure this won’t happen again. That’s how normal sports would handle such a thing.

  4. This was pretty crazy.. I wonder who did it and if they’ll ever be caught. If it was one of the competitors, should they get banned at all ? If it was an organizer should they be banned from organizing tournaments ? You can bet from here on out that they will check the settings though who knows, it could have just been an accident.

  5. …if you’re that good, damage ratio shouldn’t matter. It affects both, sorry. Still dumb it happened, but honestly it’s really not that big a difference, and shouldn’t throw your game off the way they are making it seem.

  6. Meh, it would always get to serious when my friends and I played. It literally killed playing the game together because one of the 4 would always use Zelda and it killed it. This is before they were separate character’s.

    I play now and then on 3ds and it’s fun but damn sometimes you get in matches with people that are just ruthless. I try and main Kirby at all times. You do the math haha. I will say the random matches were no one moves or attacks until the Sudden Death round starts are unexpected and fun lol.

  7. The writers for this site aren’t required to have ANY English literary skills, are they?

    Fucking sad.

  8. Very sad for Komo, he lost his passion for the game because of this. Dabuz got robbed some stocks against ZeRo because of the 0.9. Overall, shitty event for Smash 4 singles but cool for the rest.

  9. For those not thinking it should change much since both players are affected. The match in question was Bayonetta VS Sonic. Bayonetta has a ton of knockback so it doesn’t hurt her much. HOWEVER Sonic is a hard character to KO with under 1.0 circumstances, not to mention at 0.9 Komo was unable to roll out of much of Bayo’s combos due to the decreased knockback and damage. Komo was at a MASSIVE disadvantage as was another Sonic player in the Top 8. These people have flown a long way to compete and show their skills, they paid a lot of money to get there and the TO screw up has wasted all their time, money and effort. And all they’ve been given is a “Whoops. Oh well”.

  10. Man and I still haven’t played this game. Barely played Smash for Wii but I played Smash on N64 like crazy. I gotta go back and play again. Life just keeps getting in the way I guess.

  11. i play competitively and i’m pretty deadly as im good with every fighter plus it helps being friends with one of the top player so i learned some tips from him

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