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Lego Worlds Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Lego Worlds, which is already confirmed for Xbox One and PS4, has now been confirmed to release on the Nintendo Switch. Arthur Parsons, who is Head of Design at Travellers Tales, spilled the beans via Twitter. You can see the tweet below:

Lego Worlds is a sandbox game which isn’t too dissimilar from Minecraft. The new entry into the Lego series allows players to construct their own virtual world where you can invite your friends to your creations via online play. A solid release date is yet to be announced.

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  1. I agree Commander, back when this was announced I thought it would be perfect for the Switch and I will be pledging my allegiance by picking up a copy of this game on Switch.

  2. This game is dope. Playing on PC makes it look like real life especially in first person mode, I hope the switch version captures that same feeling, but I’m guessing it will? I highly encourage everyone to buy this game on any platorm. It’s really impressive what they’ve done with it.

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