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Here’s A Quick Look At The Fujitsubo Sports Club Stage In Splatoon 2

The official Splatoon Twitter account has given us a quick look at one of the new stages featured in Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. The stage is titled Fujitsubo Sports Club which is made to look like an indoor climbing centre with plenty of barnacles and ink. Splatoon 2 is scheduled to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo Switch this summer.


    1. If they can provide a good online experience, then why would they be idiots? I’m not saying it will be a good experience, I’m just saying it’s too early to make that judgment. If it is shitty online I agree with you, I don’t think people should pay for the service. But I wouldn’t exactly call them idiots.

            1. your not wrong though, i never had issues with nintendo’s online but others say it was awful, making it paid was a turn off for me.paid online for pc’s were taken down due to the complaints and outcries from fans. i hope this applies for switch.

              1. I’ve had issues with Splatoon occasionally, but I think the problem would be solved if you could limit matchups to only people playing in your continent. If Nintendo gave us something decent like Sony and Microsoft do, I’d be interested in playing online. The fact that we could be stuck with a single NES ROM to rent per month when the other two consoles are not only actually give things away to the people who pay for online, but are cheaper to buy due to their age.

  1. I really hope people don’t whine about the subscription fee. If the price is exorbitant and the service is bad then complain, sure, but if it’s in line with or cheaper than PS Plus and Xbox Live and is fleshed out well then just enjoy it. Don’t compare it to a PC hub’s free online servers or anything like that because their business models are different. If you’ve been wanting Nintendo to step up their online but then complain when they aim to do so and charge users to alleviate the costs that come with it then you really didn’t want better online. People always hold Nintendo to the worst standards. “Be more powerful than competitors and be uniquely Nintendo but be cheaper and don’t have any gimmicks” you’ll never be satisfied if you hold them to this impossible criteria.

      1. more like they want nintendo to fall if they are complaining this dam much. It really pisses me off when I hear “nintendo is too expensive” when the other systems that are just as strong are over 300 dollars. Specially when they want them to be more powerful and have all that they can get for the same thing. And right now the haters are trying their damnest to make nintendo switch seem like it is a failure by pointing out every little itty bitty thing wrong…like the new mario kart 8 deluxe, “OH MY GOD IF ITS 3 TO 4 PLAYERS THE FRAME RATE DROPS TO 30, ITS A FAILURE AND i told you nintendrones it was a failure”! I’m like….”really…….? its the same thing that happened to the main mk8 and your now surprised by this, further more the same guy even said it’s the best mario kart yet…seriously”?

        I don’t know who is worse, the people that complain too dam much or the people who try and find ever little thing wrong with the system…

        anyways the price, yeah I think its a bit much but I expect it, now th online I’m not happy about but sine I pay for the services from xbox and psn, I might as well take one off and expect to pay for the new nintendo online services too. “we were criticized for our online services.” BAH…

      2. You can voice your opinions the issue I had is how we want more from Nintendo but never want to pay them what the overwhelming majority pay for the same features/services in this space. I think if enough people complain they may actually get rid of or at least lower the price of online this time, but I also think that the service will suffer a little too. Nintendo would in response go a cheaper route. But if that’s how people feel I don’t have a problem. I played NWFC and Nintendo Network even with lag at times and dealt with it because the price was fair. As long as it is this time too I’ll be fine, so if the service is in line with the other two I’ll pay what I pay the other two.

        That said if you want a more fleshed out online from them I think you could kinda understand paying at least something for it right?

  2. TBH I think the main gripe people have with paid online isn’t that it’s there to begin wit, but that the online isn’t even handled through the device it’s handled on a phone app. Also the free game every month is only a rental. You don’t get to keep it after the month is over unlike PS+ and XBL Gold.

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