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Poll Reveals That Over 10% Of Japan Plans To Buy A Nintendo Switch

It looks the Switch is grabbing decent attention in Japan, a Sirabee survey revealing that 10.7% of Japan plans to buy the console. As the poll included 1,400 people aged between 20 and 60, it certainly gives a good idea of the general interest levels in Nintendo’s upcoming system. The 10.7% stat isn’t even the only thing the survey revealed, the data further splitting the respondents in groups based on age and gender. The results clearly show that males are more interesting in the console, especially those in their twenties and thirties. You can check out the full translation of the results here.


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    1. So, if the population is around 127 million, then their margin of error would be close to 5% (don’t quote me) so technically speaking, anywhere from 5% – 15% will actually end up getting a Switch…still a lot of Switches!

      1. I believe it will do well in Japan, as long as the games are there, and Splatoon 2 alone will move a lot.

        1. Yeah, O’Neill come down to how other countries accept it. Japan sales alone, if it does hit 10% and now the lower spectrum, brings them to 1/3 Gamecube sales, roughly speaking. Leaving the rest of the world to fill in the rest of the gap, and that’s just to stay relevant. Ugh. I know this is kinda obvious, but it will probably come down to games. Lol

  1. ||Soon Phase 2 shall begin and then at last, once we have recruited millions upon millions and the hundreds of thousands that will evolve…||

    ||Phase 3: The Final Expunge will begin…||

  2. 1400 people are surveyed, 10% of 1400 say they want one.
    -> Let’s put “10% of Japan” in the title.

    Didn’t know there are only 1400 people living in Japan. You learn something new every day, huh.

    1. It’s a survey made on a small scale and then upscaled taking in mind poblation variables like density and such, after all you can’t possibly interview ALL of Japan, and usually this stuff is fairly accurate.

      1. Yes, of course it’s not possible to survey every single person in Japan, I am aware of that. But I still believe the sample size of this survey is too small to conclude that over 10% of Japan are planning to buy a Switch.
        I’m not criticizing the survey itself, or questioning the results; I just think the title of the article is misleading.

  3. Very misleading title. Maybe if you wrote 10% of gamers on that site then u can move a little bit closer to being accurate but not Japan as a whole. There is no conclusion about interest that can be made from this survey.

  4. Seems like a lot of people here never took statistics :^)

    The one misleading thing I can see is that there is no Margin of Error that I can see. When you take a sample, it must be random, so if they surveyed completely randomly. This would NOT be misleading.

    1. So you think the title is not misleading at all? Of course you can’t survey every single person in Japan, that’s not how surveys work after all, but personally, I believe a sample size of select 1400 people is not enough to make the statement “over 10% of Japan want a Switch”.

      1. It would depend where and who was given the survey. 1,400 people could be enough if the survey was taken properly.

        Only about 3% of Japan bought a Wii U, so 10% doesn’t seem like an unreasonable survey result.

    2. I think she’s right guys. You don’t need a percentage of Japanese. There is a number where statistically correct data begins to manifest itself, within a margin of error. You can reduce your margin of error by increasing your sample size, but it’s not necessary to begin quoting statistics.

      I hated statistics when I took it in College/University, but technically… 1400, so long as they were taken properly, could provide an accurate percentage for a population of 100,000,000. And larger if you are willing to let your margin of error slide.

      The only thing I ever got at of two hellish statistics classes was the ability to reply on articles like these. XD

        1. Statistics suck. IMO. (Though not as much as Accounting, which barely can be considered real math, again, IMO) still, there are laws of statistics that seem to work, so they keep teaching it.

          Where you’re having trouble accepting these numbers boil down to the fact that this survey MUST, Must have a margin of error of around 5% either way. Which is a lot, and I would say if they had polled any fewer, it would render the results more or less unreasonable. So your instincts aren’t wrong, they are pushing the envelope. Still, it’s more or less good enough for publishing an article.

          Here, check this link out. It can’t replace a year or two of statistics, but it might help.

          I don’t blame people for doubting the results, but technically they are closer to the realms of reasonable than you’d think.

            1. Not knowing the population of Japan, I used a statistics calculator to get the margin of error should the 1400 sample size be pulled from a population of 100,000,000. And I got 2.91%

              If the commented above was close when they said the population is more like 127 million, then that reduces the effectiveness of the 1400, increasing the error… then I rounded and guestimated and pulled 5% out of my ass. :P (I think it’s close though.)

    3. Lol looks like someone here learned a new concept in stats. I commend you keep up the good work =) however the title is misleading. That’s the biggest problem with the article. You don’t need stats to see that. How would a survey from sirabee represent the entire population of japan. In no world of common sense would that ever be logical.

  5. 🤔 very intereting.

    In my own survey, at my own household, 100% of the individuals living there will NOT be getting the Switch at launch. However, only 33% will think about getting it a year in.

    Ps: I have my own place and 2 cats, and they have yet to expressed any interest on the switch. 😂

  6. Not sure what to think of this poll (except that it sounds cool) as long as we don’t have a poll from the time another console like the PS4 launched to compare to.

    1. There was apparently a similar poll on the interest for PS VR, and there were about twice as many who planned to buy a Switch. I don’t know how big the VR thing is in Japan, so I have no idea how to interpret that.

  7. Actually, it’s likely to be more than 10% eventually – as the SWITCH becomes more and more popular and more and more desirable games are released so more reasons for people to get one.

    Alos – what happens if playing SWITCH locally with your friends is more fun than playing SONY VR ?

  8. ANYONE who is a Nintendo fan will buy a Switch. The only ones who won’t are people who are extremely casual, or people who thinks mobile games are hardcore. In other words, not real gamers. If even I can buy a Switch with my incredibly limited money, there’s no excuse why everyone can’t buy one.

    How can anyone who claims to be a gamer not like The Legend Of Zelda, or true, open world Mario games, and the rest of Nintendo’s great IP’s? I love my PS3 and PS4. But I just can’t picture a world without Nintendo.

      1. 10% of a 127 million population is 12.7 million people wanting to buy the Switch (within margin of error of course). The interest in Japan alone is enough to put it equal to the lifetime sales of the Wii U so far.

        Once Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI, DQ Heroes among other popular JRPGs come to the system I imagine that interest will rise. Just wait until Switch gets the next Monster Hunter, Shin Megami Tensei, and possibly Final Fantasy.

  9. Just curious for those who believe the title is misleading, how big of a sample size would you be comfortable with to predict “10% of Japan wants to buy a Switch”?

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