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Nintendo Gives Details On Paper Mario: Color Splash – Changes To Mechanics, Theme And More

Some changes were introduced with the release of Paper Mario: Color Splash with many fans (especially of ‘A Thousand Year Door’) not looking at these tweaks in a favourable way. The following comes from a Nintendo Dream interview with Nintendo and Intelligent Systems where they also explain about how the color theme came to be:

ND: Why did color become the theme of the game?

Nintendo: In the beginning when we were starting development, we had a theme of using the Wii U GamePad for card battles. However, another theme was necessary in order to make exploring the field interesting, and we received a suggestion of using colors as a theme from Intelligent Systems. It looked like it could be fun after seeing a few experimental programs, so we accepted the idea.

Intelligent Systems: I was thinking daily what I could do with this project. Then I saw a child having fun painting with a coloring set and I had a sudden realization. Even though the child wasn’t skilled in painting, his/her face was beaming with joy, so I told the project members about painting freely and that was the beginning.

ND: Why do the Koopalings make an appearance?

N: The fundamental objective was to put characters from the Mario series together. Intelligent Systems chose characters that suit game mechanics and battles from that selection.

IS: The reason is that there were just the right amount of Koopalings to act as bosses when we had decided on the color theme. Actually, each Koopaling is protecting a Big Paint Star that matches with the color of their staff.

ND: Are there elements that you changed on purpose when compared to the previous title?

N: First of all, we made the hints for puzzle solutions more generous. Partner Huey gives effective hints as much as possible along the way of the game and various Toads have been placed as walking dictionaries giving hints. Also, we made inputting the action commands in battles as simple as possible and made the tutorial more generous, too. However, the thing that we recognized above all else was the story. It wasn’t about making a complex story, but rather making the journey of Mario and partner Huey memorable. It is a straightforward story in which you may get a bit emotional in the conclusion, and the seriousness has been spiced up and increased.

Special thanks to Nintendo Everything for the translation.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Gives Details On Paper Mario: Color Splash – Changes To Mechanics, Theme And More”

  1. While I haven’t played this game, it doesn’t look very interesting or fun. I hope I’m wrong but the story, by not being “”complex”” refuses to be even slightly interesting to me. It was the story and characters, as well as the surprisingly deep rpg mechanics, that made me fall in love with super and thousand year door.

    I never cared about the paper aesthetic or the “charming” toads but rather those two things I mentioned previously, and because IS seems intent on not doing those two things ever again then I sadly don’t see myself purchasing any future paper mario titles from here on out…unless of course they remake a “proper” paper mario game anytime soon.

    Again, I could be wrong as I haven’t even played color splash yet but from what I’ve seen (including the “””emotional”” and “””serious””” ending) it doesn’t like what I’d find fun at all and I wish they’d just go back to the previous style.

  2. It was pretty good, although I lost interest near the end. Probably not the game’s fault, it’s just something I tend to do with every game. The painting mechanic was fun and not tedious. Sadly, the boss battles were similar to Sticker Star where you have to have the right item and use it at the right time. Just look those parts up and enjoy the rest of the game. I would still rate Sticker Star above Color Splash for the better atmosphere and music. However, Paper Mario in HD is a sight to behold, but then again Paper Mario in 3D was also pretty amazing.

  3. Colour splash was great fun I really enjoyed it, shame it was really the last game in WiiU … Good installment to the paper Mario series

  4. They just better get rid of the consumable-based battles for the next game. If they keep those around, then I’m never buying another game for this series.

    I passed on Color Splash purely for that reason.

  5. It actually worries me to know the actual thought process behind Color Splash.

    “It’s not about making a complex story”

    “Saw a child having fun painting with a coloring set and had a sudden realization”

    Yea, these ideas and thought processes sounds to me like a recipe for disaster. Nintendo has to step up thier game. Story is important. Someone needs to tattoo that on Miyamoto’s forehead.

  6. Action commands as simple as possible?! Go eat a dick! Getting an excellent hammer attack and even doing the fire flower is harder than every other Paper Mario, not to mention how long an tedious it is to even select and do one attack. The battling is the worst part of the game. The writing and music and scenery are all great tho.

  7. Generous, simple, not complex, straightforward is all I took from this and are the reasons I will not be playing this game until it’s in the bargain bin MAYBE.

  8. Does anyone out there love the original Paper Mario on N64 more than The Thousand Year Door? I’m not sure which one I loved more, but I do remember really loving the story and characters in the original. And missing them when they didn’t return. I just never hear anyone talking about the original.

    1. I love both, but I love 1,000 a bit more, it was so haunting, the music was so incredible. I actually did a project on one of my walls based on boggly woods (I can post a picture on my wordpress if anyone is interested). I think that I’ve played 64 twice, and 1,000 year door three times. Both are in my top 20 games list though.

  9. I just beat the original one a little before Christmas. It was absolutely amazing. I loved the characters, story etc. However at the end was a little bit boring imo. I hope they remaster that someday. TTYD was lso really good. Id also consider SPM quite different from the same genre. Color Splash is however quite humorous. Except I cant seem to enjoy it in long sessions.

  10. Man, I just barely started playing Color Splash for the first time tonight, and I’m already getting incredibly SICK of the play control. Not to mention, so much text that it’s making me feel dizzy (though text is something that these games have always been famous for). Oh how I wish these games had voice actors.

    Having to select stupid cards, and then having to color them and throw them to attack just ruins the whole game. I know that I’ll be complaining about that even after I finish the game. And I also know that the play control is what will cause this Paper Mario to NOT be on my favorites list. Even if the game itself turns out half way good.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||The battle mechanics is the main factor if what ruins Paper Mario since Sticker Star…||

  11. Im just about to beat this game and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. It’s actually pretty great if you’re not expecting the next TYD. I hope they bring the series to the Switch in the next couple of years.

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