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Nicalis Has Hinted A Physical Release Of Cave Story On The Switch

Nicalis has been very cryptic about Switch releases in the past month, and it seems that Nicalis does not plan to stop anytime soon. The company recently tweeted out a picture of Cave Story box art suggesting a physical release of the game on the Nintendo Switch. Usually, when Nicalis teases something on social media, it means that an announcement is not too far away. If so, we’ll let you know when it happens. As for the tweet itself, we’ve included it for you down below.



  1. For those uncertain about giving this gem of a game a go, try it for free on PC as it was originally released. Quite amazing to think that this was some guys’ side project (though I doubt very many people here haven’t played it).

    It’s been so long since I played the original, I’d be happy to relive the glory that this game was on the Switch.

  2. It seems a decent release. Not interest on it though. Indies aren’t my bread, and if they think to sell this at 40$ I think they are wrong. Make it digital at no more than 20$. Or physical too, but at that price.

  3. I must have played through this from start to finish at least 20 times, it’s a great game.

    Shoot, I need to finish my LP of my current run- I hope I still have my saves on the Steam cloud after factory resetting my PC… orrrr I’m gonna have to do the dog fetch quest again… NOOOOOOOOO!

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