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Bethesda’s Todd Howard Praises The Nintendo Switch

Bethesda and Nintendo have never been particularly close, but that looks to change with the launch of the Switch next month. In an interview with Gamespot, Bethesda’s Todd Howard was been incredibly positive about the upcoming console. Calling the system ‘really smart’, the Skyrim developer seems enamoured with the Switch. Check out the full interview here.

“I think it’s really smart what they’ve done. I think it’s the kind of device that only Nintendo could make. It’s exciting to bring Skyrim to the Nintendo audience. I don’t know where it’s gonna go. But I think it’s a really smart platform. We like it a lot.”



  1. To be honest, I’m kind of more excited to play Skyrim: Remastered on the Nintendo Switch than I am excited to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

  2. I keep reading that this won’t sell but not every Nintendo fan buys other systems and some, like me and some friends, are waiting to finally play games on a Nintendo system previously unavailable like Bayonetta on Wii U and Skyrim on Switch!

    1. There used to be a ton of people like you, there are just far fewer because Nintendo drove off a lot of exclusive Nintendo gamers.

      If Switch KEEPS getting Bethesda games… as well as other third party games, and there will actually be an option that let’s us play Nintendo IPs and 3rd party AAA games, some may come back. I will anyway.

      But not until I’m damned sure Nintendo is done fucking with its western fans.

        1. Seriously?
          One only need look up a youtube video to see that it’s possible to switch between first and third persons.
          Hell it’s even in the first Switch trailer when he comes home and docks his Switch.. running across ice.

  3. This game is ancient but I guess Nintendo fanboys will get a chance to taste some 3rd party AAA titles that they have been ripping on. Oh, then they will say how much better it is on the Switch and that it sucked on the other consoles. Everyone knows that 3rd party sucks until it’s on a Nintendo console.

    1. its funny how this works both ways bayonetta was an exclusive and everyone flipped their sh** mad they couldn’t play it and started bashing the game for “bad graphics” and awful gamplay. zombi u got ported and people started saying it would sell better and it should’ve been on the other systems. now its Lego city undercover.

      its cute how other fan bases like to ignore their own stereotypes and hypocritically try to throw a competing group under the bus without noticing they do the same thing.

      especially when it comes to a “superior version.” multi release game

      1. also whenever Nintendo gets good news trolls talk it down.

        trolls: switch will never be able to run current gen games
        Nintendo announces switch unreal engine 4
        trolls: that doesn’t matter unreal engine is also on phones. (its dumb how Nintendo has said its a dedicated gaming system and they try to say this)
        Nintendo and third parties announces it is up to date with the current home console unreal engine 4
        trolls go quiet.

        ff7hd gets talked about using unreal engine and possibility on switch.
        trolls: it cant run it.

        stay away from gamefaqs guys

        1. “Pot calling the Kettle black much? lol.”

          Everybody “flipped thier shit ” because Bayonetta was not originally a Nintendo exclusive. Also, I’m pretty sure that Nintendo fans bashed the game because it wasn’t on the Nintendo in the first place. They were saying it had awful graphics because it did have awful graphics compared to what it could have had because of the limitations of the Wiik U.

          Zombi was released what 3 years later? People like you always say that 3rd parties don’t sell because the ports are released later then original. Yet here you are making it one of your main counter points….you smoke something before you typed this?

          They can run Unreal for on the Switch but you guys seem to thing that Unreal Engine adds some sort of hardware upgrade to the power of the Switch. The rumored specs of the Switch will not run these games without serious downgrade. Games like Re7, ME4, RD2 and For Honor would be coming to the Switch on it’s launch day or the games launch day if it could run them, because like you said, the Switch is running current version of Unreal and if it could handle the games then the ports would be able to slide right over.

          You just got served…

          1. I see so many flaws in this I’m not going to argument your stupidity.


            “People like you always say that 3rd parties don’t sell because the ports are released later then original.” Never said this.

            “They were saying it had awful graphics because it did have awful graphics compared to what it could have had because of the limitations of the Wiik U.” Keep believing that. Also…. What’s a wiik u.

            “You just got served…”
            Lol I sure did love.

            1. You are very evasive and are clearly begging for attention. I’m not sure if you can see it or not and not to be mean, but you are coming off as a tiny bit desperate.

              Look, sweetheart. You don’t have to “look” like Rosalina to be beautiful…Ok?

  4. Oh, and typo alert!

    “Bethesda’s Todd Howard was [being] incredibly positive […]”
    “Bethesda’s Todd Howard [has] been incredibly positive […]”

    If I’m wrong, let me know…

  5. I think, if this game is what I think it is, that this game is the kind you sink hundreds of hours into…or could, potentially. But there are huge skyrim fans that I guess may start over on switch?

    If not, it should give switch users something to play while waiting for games. If they are into this kinda thing.

  6. I have Skyrim on Steam but never really played it. I’ll definitely buy it for the Switch. The Switch is the perfect system if you don’t want to be tied to a certain location to play a game. I’m convinced that this is the future of gaming and not smart phones!

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