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Nintendo Has Taken Back The Leaked Switch Console

You may recall the Nintendo Switch leak that came from NeoGAF user hiphoprobot a couple of days ago. Well, hiphoprobot has recently provided an update on his situation. The Nintendo Switch console that hiphoprobot leaked in videos and pictures is no longer in his possession. He said “Nintendo has the console back and I am personally not in any trouble. Other than being out a console and the money I paid for it which really sucks with all the bills I have right now but it isn’t going to be the end of the world or anything”. According to hiphoprobot, Nintendo didn’t show up to his house to get the console. It is being shipped to them. He also clarified that it’s not Nintendo he’s in contact with, but a “third-party working on their behalf”. He explained that he doesn’t necessarily think Nintendo is wrong for wanting the console back “after knowing what happened”. Hiphoprobot, again, proceeded to clarify. He says that “for the sake of clarification I will say that I don’t think the person I got it from knew and therefore I certainly didn’t know but somewhere down the chain some switches had “mysteriously disappeared”. So while it was unknown to me, once I found out that it had probably been stolen I did’t feel comfortable keeping it”. Hiphoprobot also says “the people I dealt with have all been very nice and reasonable”. Although he’s not in trouble, hiphoprobot said that he “didn’t feel like pushing my luck by keeping the videos up”. He also says that “I wouldn’t be surprised if they get me a replacement console or something” and he clarified that Nintendo did not ask him to take the videos down.

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    1. He seems to have paid someone else (a third party) that was unaware of the switch he was selling was stolen, but what it all comes down to is the fact that he bought something through an unverified third party. This therefore entitles him to no ‘insurance’ aside from pity from Nintendo that may eventually end up letting the guy have a replacement console (since he won’t be getting his money back).

      Don’t forget that they used an intermediary to get the console back. This was likely a legal intermediary hired by Nintendo. That, or its possible he was contacted by the third party and acted on his own behalf to bring it back to them (rather than them coming to his doorstep and demanding it from him).

      1. Sounds like Nintendo. They hate fans that make better versions of theirs games and force them to take their games or videos down. They are charging fans on YouTube money if they use their games in let’s play videos. They basically lie to customers (Reggie) and they try to short change fans with low demand to drive up hyper and higher demand.

    2. There is a chance the console was stolen, and if it is it’s actually illegal to have it even if you didn’t know that it was stolen. He did the right thing by sending it back to Nintendo.

    3. He didn’t pay Nintendo for it. Do you even know how the law works? If you buy something that has been stolen, you have to give it back without refund.
      Had he bought and received it from a retailer, he wouldn’t have to give it back. He would have been the legal owner and noone could have taken it from him!

  1. Here’s my thought. He did not pre order it he paid someone to get it to him. If that’s the case Nintendo prob reached to all stores and asked for proof that they have all their units accounted for. Once Nintendo put that order in whoever he got it from asked for it back.

    It makes no sense they asked for the unit back just to give him another one at release.

      1. Yeah. Look at this:

        “Nintendo has the console back and I am personally not in any trouble. Other than being out a console and the money I paid for it which really sucks with all the bills I have right now but it isn’t going to be the end of the world or anything”

        With or without the console, his money is gone, and the bills are there. Why he’s coming up with that kind of argument? O.o

        1. Sounds like something one of my friends would say honestly. He barely even makes above minimum wage and after paying all of the bills he hardly has any money to himself, but he’s still planning to buy the Switch after a while of saving, only his reaction wouldn’t be as calm as the person seems here.

          1. Of course they knew, the Switch is launching in two weeks. How the hell a nobody would get onefirst iif not from a product of steal? He even tried to resell it, of course he knew.

        2. ||The only thing that matters is that the imbecile got punished for its betrayal…||

          1. Betrayal of what? Use your head, man.

            And whatever “betrayal” was committed, Nintendo committed 20 more over. Final Smash DLC, E3 2015, and Color Splash are fine examples. I can go on and on.

                1. ||Forgiveness is for the weak, we don’t have time to please the weak anymore…||

                    1. ||Unless he decides to attack me directly or this base then I don’t see any reason to…||

                      ||I am thinking about asking Sickr to terminate the likes of Michael Ponder Jr however, seeing as he always turns the threads he goes against me on to My Commander News…||

                      ||Not that I have any issues with that anyway considering Sickr enjoys that nickname as well…||

                      ||But I’ll observe Bowler AA more closely for your case…||

  2. Not that it matters too much to me but I think the guy’s handle is ‘hiphoptherobot’ not ‘hiphoprobot’ as reported.

    Also, it seems to be unlikely that a guy they by his own admission isn’t really very well off would simply ship a console he’s apparently paid for back to Nintendo. He was talking about selling the console in the interview I read.

    I’m sure Nintendo would refund him the money he spent on the console if they feel that strongly about getting it back…

  3. Sounds like he was involved and afraid of getting caught and I would bet that he didn’t spend a dime on it. However, if he told them that he paid for it and made up a sob story he might be able to swindle one from Nintendo.

  4. what a bitch

    he paid for the thing, the console isnt new anymore and the guy who sold it to him is going to have to sell it for less or lie to someone about it being “new”

          1. that’s why I say he’s a dumbass, he should have remained neutral and say something like “I paid for this, if I’m not getting back my money then I’m not giving back the console, call the authorities if you have the balls”

            1. Yeah. If he legit didnt know it was stolen, and paid someone to “break street date” I would make the authoroties take it back. Of course, I wouldnt have bought a system I couldnt use, post it all over the internet, and do so in such a way it could be tracked to me personally.

              Dumb and sloppy. Maybe he does deserve to lose some $$$ a lesson learned that he sucks at being sneaky. Next time he needs to wait since he obviously has -10 ninja skills. And whoever stole it was probably getting real nervious once the online posts started up!

              1. ||It doesn’t matter whether he knew or not, if you acquire a Switch before March 3 in any way, you are guilty by default…||

            2. Guess you were wrong he bought a stolen console. We knew he didn’t get it legitimately and guess what he is not getting anything back.

        1. This happens to all stolen goods if the police gets you. What do you think, they’ll give you a refund for buying stolen goods?? He probably didn’t bought it in a store or from a trustworthy site, + 14 days before the release, so he most likely knew he was spending his money to something dodgy/risky.
          Trust me, he should be glas that he just had to return it and didn’t got a ticket or anything.

          1. good thing it wasnt the police who asked to give back the console, it was the same retailer that sold it to him, where’s the compensation?
            if say, it was the owner of said retailer who asked to give back the console due to an eployee screwing it up then he should’ve asked for compensation, he could claim he didnt knew about release dates and he was just buying it for his son or nephew, who cares… the guy’s a dumbass now he has no console and no money

          2. reading again I see it says “third party on Nintendo’s behalf”, but anyway the same applies here
            he could claim he didnt knew about release dates and he was just buying it for his son or nephew, th authorities end up coming in, the retailer ends p compensating the guy anyway

              1. You keep saying this like he shipped it back out of the kindness of his heart. They made him ship it back or threatened severe consequences. The guy is a dumbass and he didn’t do the right thing at all. Stop defending him.

    1. ||They will lose their job regardless, it’s very satisying to know this…||

  5. Well, the guy keeps pleading poverty – he has to fix his car – h saie has to sell his house – tbh -that all sounds completely dodgy. So – I’m not including this guy as genuine at all.

    If the SWITCH had been stolen – the police would have been round to ‘interview’ mr hiphop. .

    1. ||It would have been if it kept its mouth, hands and greed to show off at bay…||

  6. Well that’s what happens when you get things early. I know he is not in trouble for this but he did the right thing for shipping the console back. At least he was reasonable for all of this. I know some people want to pay a lot of bills and all because they want the console so much. Everyone does. Mystery solved.

  7. would be cool if Nintendo hooked him up with a console on release. its a bummer he unknowingly paid for stolen hardware. nintendo should just hold on to that same console and overnight it to him on the 2nd :)

  8. LOL, If you buy stolen Swith and he knows it was. You never put that out in the open for everyone to see, especially since no one else can get one till Mar. 3rd. He now learned a good lesson. Either be a sneak thief quietly or none at all.

    1. Doesn’t matter. Even if he knew it was stolen he has a right to get his money back but I suppose like you said his biggest mistake was sharing it online.

      He wouldn’t be in this situation otherwise.

  9. Regardless of how HE obtained it HE payed for it and at the VERY least he should get his money back.

    Appalling way to treat a Customer just appalling but then again this is Nintendo we’re talking about after all.

      1. Are you people deaf or something? IT DOESN’T MATTER how he obtained it, the person who sold it to him should be the one at fault here not him.

        If you think what Nintendo are doing here is right there is something very VERY wrong with this fandom.

        1. Nintendo didnt do anything. they didnt even ask for the console back. they havent taken any legal action, he chose willingly to send it in, and in all honestly nintendo doesnt even have to reimburse him, because theres zero proof that he didnt steal it, so from literally all logical angles he looks like the thief. we only know 2 things factually
          1. the console is stolen
          2. he was in possession of a stolen item

  10. Dealing with stolen consoles can be annoying. My son’s Xbox one and 360 were stolen last year, er found them across state lines in a pawn shop but even with going through the police department the person responsible for away scott free and if we wanted to get the consoles back we would have to pay the pawn shop what they gave the thief for them.

    Be very careful when you let someone into your house, especially if they stay there for over thirty days, at that point it is very difficult to legally get rid of them.

    We had to put up with so much crap during that time. Makes me mad just thinking about it.

  11. Note to self: Don’t bother posting on ever again. Nintendo fans are impossible to reason with, as far as they’re concerned Nintendo are never in the wrong.

    1. youre an idiot, this has nothing to do with nintendo. He knowingly showed of a piece of stolen merchandise and has zero proof that he didn’t steal or that he paid for it from a 3rd party, what exactly would you have done in this situation?

      1. If it was stolen then Nintendo should come down on the individual that sold it to him. It just doesn’t seem fair that he has to be without a console he payed for because of the stupid actions of somebody else.

        Maybe instead of resorting to name calling you could have a civil discussion instead but I guess Nintendo fans aren’t capable of that.

        You’ve made your point now leave it at that.

        1. the issue is HE CANT PROVE THAT HE DIDNT STEAL IT. what part of a lack of proof are you not comprehending? this is the stupid decisions of more than just the thief(if he didnt in fact steal it himself) 1. the thief for stealling it, and 2. him for both buying it and flaunting it around on the iternet. Even if he wasnt the thief, its still illegal to knowingly purchase a stolen item(which he would have surely know it was). But Nintendo didnt reimburse a suspected thief with no proof ,so theyre the bad guys right?

          1. You made your point. I did more research into the story and you are correct I guess it was my fault for making too many assumptions about it.

  12. They’re at it again! Taking back physical items. They did the same shit with X & Y. What’s next, hacked NES Classics?

    Well jokes on them, because I downloaded the unboxing video, knowing they would pull stupid shit like this.

  13. I think this guy is super lucky. Even if he didn’t steal it himself or know it was stolen, he knew he wasn’t supposed to have it. No, Nintendo doesn’t owe him a new console. The guy took a risk and paid the price. In fact, Nintendo probably thought about taking legal action against this guy but decided the controversy probably wasn’t worth it. Gotta keep things positive two weeks before the Switch’s release.

  14. He’s trying to make people feel bad with a sob story about not having money for bills… All I know is if I can’t pay bills , the last thing I’m gonna do is drop $300 on a new console… Sucks to be out of that money but sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned.

  15. “third-party working on their behalf”
    Haven’t you heard of online scams? I’d refuse if Nintendo didn’t ask directly, especially considering the $300 out of pocket.

  16. I’d like to know how they tracked him down. Did he call Nintendo on his own out of guilt or something? Did this 3rd party track him down and show up at his door? This doesn’t make sense to me. If someone showed up at my door claiming to work on someone’s else’s behalf with demands that I return something I paid for I’d probably laugh then shut the door. I wouldn’t hand over anything I paid for unless cops showed up with a warrant or robbers busted through my door with bats. This sounds like bullshit to me. There’s no way this dude didn’t know he was getting his hands on something he shouldn’t have.

  17. Something tells me he knew it was stolen. “It was accodently shipped early to me” sounds like complete bulls***. I don’t feel bad for the guy.. Wait like the rest of us.

  18. My thoughts: I think he knew it was dodgy. Come on. It was pretty well known that it was not going to be released prior to March 3rd. You wouldn’t question how someone had one early that was not a retailer??? Get real? He knew, he got caught. He even tried selling it! Why would you go out of your way to buy one early and then sell it? To make a massive profit on it that’s why. Didn’t work out, Nintendo found out. Probably as he posted a video. Either he is a complete plank or dodgy as hell..
    This link says that Law enforcement is involved, as to whether he gets charged remains to be seen.

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