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Breath Of The Wild Billboard Appears In The London Underground

Breath of the Wild is the biggest Nintendo game for years. Realising this, it seems the Japanese company has been desperately trying to spread the word. Spotted by a Reddit user, Nintendo of Europe seems to have paid for a massive billboard in the London Underground. These posters certainly don’t come cheap either, thousands of people walking past each day. Do you think Nintendo is doing enough to promote the Switch? Tell us below.





  1. ||Someone clean that atrocity of a subway to glorify our Zelda billboard…||

  2. It’s fucking 900p instead of 720p. And it’s a WiiU port. The Switch hype train runs entirely on ported games. Without the WiiU’s final sacrifice, It would definitely be Dead on Arrival.
    There’s ZeldaU blood on your hands Nintendo. I hope your gambit pays off. Well, part of me hope it doesn’t…but since the only way now is forward, I suppose I’ll wish you luck…

    1. wow someone who actualy isn’t Jaded at all, despite the name, you actually get it.

      everything on the switch is an enhanced port until post 2018

      1. I have a serious issue with what happened with ZeldaU. Every time people play the game and Link pulls out the Sheika slate, they will be reminded that the slate was supposed to be the gamepad, and that the game was originally designed from the ground up to be the most amazing Zelda, with full WiiU integration before it got downgraded to just-another-controller-game.

        Nintendo claims the experience will be the same on Switch and WiiU after having the devs gut the gamepad experience, but ironically leaving the gamepad in Link’s hands. I am hoping this is one of Nintendo’s epic miscommunications, and that the WiiU game will still maintain some gamepad functionality. I really wanted to play the game how it was designed, before it got chopped down and cut into a log for the Switch hype train.

    2. I suppose that Arms is already complete. Maybe it’s not the right killer app but they could have launched the system with some other software. And maybe even Mario is ready, and they are launching it in holydays just to conquest the market when people actually buys stuff. Eventually some other software could have been the launch game but they decided for BotW. And let’s not forgive that presumably high selling sh1t of 1-2-Switch.
      But (BotW) that’s not a port, definitely. It sort out exactly the same time as the Wii U so it’s a prime time game.

      1. MAYBE if Mario was ready. But it’s not. Splatoon isn’t even ready. It would have been a WiiU2 Cluster Fuck all over. I’m not even pissed they are duel-launching Zelda, and I’m only a little frustrated they made WiiU owners wait a fucking year for the Switch Launch, that’s the kinda shit Microsoft pulls. – I get triggered because they couldn’t leave the WiiU gameplay alone, afraid it might show-up the switch version and then how would they sell it? Motherfuckers crossed a line there that I’ll not soon forget.

        1. No one knows it, and eventually they could have postponed the system, nothing would have changed in six months… they actually rushed it.

          I concur that the they should have not delayed so much the Wii U version. It’s already dead that system now. But you shouldn’t be angry for this, it’s not a capital sin, they just took the chance for a big anticipated launch for their next console, Wii U was already dead even with Zelda out, why miss this opportunity… would’ve made no sense.
          They are actually releasing it, and they should’ve not. No one do this. Everyone else would’ve just cancelled it. That’s a strange gift to their userbase. Maybe because 4 years on the shelf for a Nintendo Home console is an all-time low.

          1. It’s not WiiU owners fault that Nintendo was so far behind that it had to release half of it’s AAA IPs late. If Nintendo hadn’t been dicking around with SD games for 10 years on the Wii while everyone else developed in minimal HD, they wouldn’t have been so far behind that they needed to spend the first half of the WiiUs life learning how to develop in HD.

            They created this chain of events, one thing leading to another in a very logical order. I just hope Switch hardware is relevant enough to finally break the fall.

            1. Wii U was doomed, that was its destiny. Let’s just accept it. ^^

              I hope the Switch will not follow the same fate. Maybe teams got enlarged and there is more investment behind.
              Also many bugs were fixes (name, marketing, motion controllers, form factor, eventually better online… will see). Now let’s just hope for the games and it will be another hit.
              Wii U rest in peace.

      1. Cut the cut the collar off your neck and hold Nintendo accountable if you want them to continue to be better than everyone else.

        If Nintendo developed a Zelda or metroid or Star Fox game that took advantage of the HD rumble on the switch and then they decided to do a release it on the switch and the 3DS and decided at the last minute to remove all the switch exclusive functionality, It’s nice to know that you would be okay with that however there are a good deal of consumers who would not be okay with that.

        Anybody who ever complained about a duel release between Wii U and 3DS or complained how Nintendo dual releasing Smash Brothers held back the Wii U version would either understand or would be an incredible Hypocrites and not understand.

        The Nintendo developers themselves didn’t fucking want to change it, so you call them whiners well? that’s okay that’s your opinion but I’m on the side of the people who devoted years in making the best Zelda they could and then had to change the control Styles at the last minute – a game play style that was ingrained into the very game itself with the sheikah Slate.

        1. held accountable for what? releasing a game on more than one plat? ohhhh noooooo. the horrors! XD you’re complaining for the sake of complaining. you act as if you have to buy BOTH version. some people will have the switch, some will have a wiiu, some will have both. quit griping about it, get the version you want, and shut up. Have a nice day. :)

          1. Held accountable for holding WiiU owners captive with Zelda, Using it like a carrot on a stick to keep its fan base from mass exodus, then telling the day-one, loyalty WiiU owners that our long awaited, custom-built for the WiiU Zelda got its controls and gameplay gimped so they could sell fucking hardware they weren’t ready to sell. This is a low, shit move to use Zelda as a point of manipulation… keep it dangling to hold what few WiiU users you have, then fuck those fans for being patient by taking away what made Zelda something more than an RPG that could have been released on the fucking Xbox.

            Every Zelda has taken advantage of its hardware, except Breath of the wild, because it was more important to Nintendo to sell the switch, than to keep the integrity of their game intact.

            1. oh get over it. it doesn’t have some wiiu functionality, big freaking deal. it still plays great on it and it’s not like they removed essential content from it. you’re bitching for the sake of bitching, and you do it on every freaking article regarding the game. get. over it. your griping does nothing but piss everyone off.

              1. Zelda is always going to set me off. Every die hard Zelda fan that has played every game, and thought they died and went to heaven after the realistic tech demo they did long ago, I wish it was March, the game was released, and we can finally see what’s what, what did the WiiU lose, what did it not lose, and Switch owners can enjoy their first game.

                Nintendo has been shit about telling us what to expect, so we just need the system released already so we can stabilize and synchronize what’s what.

                I Hope Nintendo has been fucking horrible at communication and the WiiU version was left alone and they didn’t want to say it, but I have a feeling they probably fucked it up . I just want the launch over with.

                1. i’ve played and beaten every zelda as well (minus tri force heroes, but let’s face it,it sucks.)

                  but constant complaining just gets old and pisses off everyone else. you’re not going to change anything, so just get over it already. quit clogging up the site with this trivial crap. who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it? but until then, please shut up about it already.

                  1. You understand my point though, right? I don’t go off the hinges every day. today I did and we only have another week of waiting. I’m not backing down from my argument, but I will try not to spam every article with my ZeldaU grievances.

                    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

                      Was it fun debating with someone that gets upset at other people being upset? lol This is why I try to ignore him for the most part these days. *shrug*

                    2. He and I are an opposite sides of the table for sure, but he seems like a nice person, and my activity on this site is never meant to be personal. As a matter of fact, I don’t hold grudges from one post to the next deliberately.

                      Even after a decent sized argument, I’ll clean the slate with the next article. Usually we’re at odds with each other again, but every now and then we are on the same side of a topic. ;D

                    3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

                      Yeah. Brandon’s not a bad person by any means. Very annoying with his near fanboy mentality but not a bad guy. lol

  3. have
    negga plz
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    Posted 40 minutes ago · Report post

    All we’ve seen and played through demos until now is 1% of the map
    He then said that BOTW’s map is about twice the size of Skyrim’s world
    Zelda’s world is filled with mini-dungeons, villages, life, and all sort of things. Doesn’t feel empty at all at any time, nothing like what we have seen in the gameplay. He complains that the demo is the emptiest area in the game.
    Village types include villages of thieves, gentle farmers, etc
    The sounds are amazing and respond really to the environment and feels really immersive

    We will risk a shuriken to the head from Nintendo’s ninja lawyers by saying that Zelda is everything you will have hoped for, and more, but we won’t be able to do a proper preview until tomorrow.

    I got over that initial weirdness when I remembered why solid-state media can be so great. Zelda launched in around five seconds, and there wasn’t any lengthy install process to sit through. Yes, that’s technically the same experience we had decades ago, but it seems almost utopian after the long installations and loading screens I’m used to from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
    I can’t say much about Breath of the Wild yet, but I can confirm that it is very much a Zelda game, though it doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before. Notably, it also performed a lot better than it did at preview events, where I noticed stuttering and occasional slowdown while it was connected to the dock. I wasn’t expecting much from the Switch’s graphical capabilities, but there are plenty of moments where Breath of the Wild is just strikingly beautiful.

    Kokatu editor


    1. Umm… not sure what you said bro, but I am looking forward to Zelda also! :D I have been curious about how big the map is. if it’s twice the size of Skyrim, that’s awesome!!

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