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FAST RMX Is Only A 900MB Download On Nintendo Switch

The technical wizards over at Shin’en have tweeted that FAST RMX on the Nintendo Switch is only a 900mb download. The futuristic racer will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch eShop this Friday when the console launches.


    1. The best indie developers in the world….Nintendo needs to let these guys work on a new installment in the F-Zero series for the Switch. It will only be a great benefit for both parties

      1. They really should. I mean… we essentially have F-Zero’s soul in these games, but if Nintendo would deal them in to make an official F-Zero, I’m sure it would be gold.

  1. ||They can probably teach the Game Freaks a thing or two…||

  2. Is this game Fast Racing Neo with some new tracks, or is it a completely new game in the series?

  3. Damn, sub-gig, that’s great. I was hoping it’d be a small download. At this rate, it should be a while before I have to get a micro SD card.

  4. A memory size of FAST RMX on the Switch is less than the actual size of FAST Racing Neo on the Wii U? Shin’en are most definitely the quintessential of technical wizardry. Props to the German development team all the way!!!!

      1. It’s because it’s already 380 euro with Zelda… too much for me. In april just this one and Mario at the end. Maybe I’ll skip Arms. Maybe.

          1. The only real problem I have is if the de-sync issues are an hardware problem, that’s what hurts me as of now. Certainly they should have put the system at 299 max but anyway… it’s all ok otherwise for launch.

  5. lol the comments hasnt been infaded with BRAINTArd sony fans……


    64GB FOR A GAME bloated untalented retarded usless devs bloatware

    1. This isn’t a huge game, and it’s not overly realistic. It’s a simple racing game but it’s absolutely gorgeous, has very tight controls, and is very well polished. Just because they have created an amazing game and it fits under a gigabyte doesn’t mean all games could theoretically be compressed that low. There isn’t a lot of depth to the game. it’s just pure adrenaline fun, it does exactly what it sets out to do and it does it really fuckin well.

    1. Exactly. Shin’en Multimedia are indie developers who make games that rival if not are better than most full fledged titles from bigger 3rd party publishers/developers with a far less budget and limited resources on top of it. You’re telling me that an indie company can compress file sizes better than these bigger 3rd party companies can who are suppose to have far more resources? I’m not buying that nonsense my bro…..a lot of these big 3rd party companies just ain’t trying homey. Shin’en are amazing incredible indie developers don’t get me wrong but no way should they be outdoing these 3rd party companies who have far more finances and personnel than they do

  6. These guys, these guys at Shinen are wizards, and the best programmers I’ve seen, incredible.

  7. Will def grab this day one as not only am I getting a bit of variety with having this and Zelda, I’m supporting one of the best indie developers hands down. Nintendo should scoop them up and keep thier talent in house ;)

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