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The Switch’s Parental Controls App Is Now Live On iOS & Android

With the Nintendo Switch launching in the next couple of days, the company has been making preparations. Those preparations continue with the release of the Switch’s parental controls app, which has now gone live on iOS and Android. The app is free, so you don’t need to pay anything. The picture below elaborates more on what the app does. You can get the iOS version of the app here. The Android version can be found here.


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  1. I really like the imagery they chose to portray this. The final picture on the App Store has bowser protecting his son from boos who are creeping in and it’s an analogy for how a parent can use this app to help their kids stay away from something that could spook them or be bad for their minds at too young an age. Great analogy and I think this will really appeal to families.

  2. Fucking that this came out first and has more information behind it than Nintendo’s disconnection with the controller’s, no information regarding online achievements, and what games will be releasing soon. Basically, nothing about this system has information but the parent control

    1. Achievements? Not a lot of people care about that it’s not a must. Soon to release games? there’s 75+ games coming and Nintendo just dropped that indie title. We’ve gotten all the info needed

          1. Mario Kary doesn’t count. It’s on Wii u Mario is in November to December. Snipperclipers sucks. Xeno2 is a old game. Street fighter is even older. Skyrim is old. Arms sucks. Splat, mario, xenoblade and sonic sounds like the only games this year.

            1. From what people say Snipperclips is extremely fun, ARMS too. Street Fighter is getting some sort of update and it’s for fans of the series there’s 80+ games coming out this year

              1. Thanks for naming those 80 plus games. I’m not paying 40 for another street fighter that is the same shit as the one that’s on SNES, Wii and Wii u virtual console

    2. I hate Achievements so please play on a different platform. They are on every service right now…but Nintendo and GOG are my last secure places for playing without achievements. They are designed for petty-minded players.

      1. Omg, are you that stupid? Achievements were design to increase replay value for games that didn’t have any. Games like Zelda, which are a one and done type of game would work with achievements because of the nature of the game. But to say you don’t want achievements I respect. Saying it’s for petty players says your a moron

  3. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I use to not care about achievements… til I got a PS4 & now I’ve enjoyed seeing a little alert pop up telling me about a trophy I just got. So I’d very much like trophies/achievements on Switch. Anyway, they are optional so you don’t have to go out of your way to collect them, so quit whining about people asking for them on Switch since trophies on Switch won’t hurt you.

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