Gorgeous Legend Of Zelda Chess Set Available For Pre-Order

While everyone is probably still occupied with Breath of the Wild, Merchoid have just put this gorgeous Ocarina of Time themed chess set up for pre-order in the US. Each piece sculpted vinyl with a metallic finish, the set features Link, Zelda and Ganondorf alongside characters like Epona, Twinrova and Darunia the Goron. The set can be pre-ordered here.



  1. Very nice! At that price I’d prefer it made of Wood or something besides Vinal, not there is anything wrong with Vinal, but given how the descriptions are written, and how many of their Nintendo licensed products avoid going into detail regarding what it’s made of, I’m assuming a cardboard board.

    Again, not being a chessboard-whore, but for that amount I want something I can proudly display on a coffee table. Maybe you still could but they are awefully dodgy with details, and full of Zelda puns and “please buy this” marketing.

    PASS! Very cool though. I love how it looks. It may still be a solid set, but since they must have also licensed Nintendo’s inability to communicate details, I’m not risking $100 on it. :)

  2. I got a hands on at the Melbourne Toy Fair last weekend, and the pieces feel incredibly cheap. They look quite good, but they’re all very plasticy and light weight.

    Definitely not worth the $100 price tag. If the pieces were properly weighted and made of metal it would probably be worth the price as a collectors piece.

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