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Overwatch Director Says Bringing The Game To Switch Would Be Very Challenging But Open To The Idea

Jeff Kaplan, who is the game director on the online multiplayer title Overwatch, was quizzed by a fan on Reddit regarding the possibility of the game appearing on the Nintendo Switch platform. Kaplan admitted that this would naturally pose a major challenge to the team but they’re interested in exploring possible platforms.



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    1. It doesnt really sound like he is lazy he just wants to see if the switch is a success and if it is he will make overwatch be available on a handheld and announce at e3 or bliz con it will take about a year but it will be worth it! Playing overwatch in the go will be awesome and they have the tools and the graphics will remain mostly the same tv mode will be the same overwatch on other consoles and I wonder how overwatch will work in handheld mode it will be crazy taking this thing on the go! I have always wanted to play overwatch on the go and now I can hopefully!

    2. Why would you want to put an online based game on a system that may not have good online features? ๐Ÿค” I would be lazy to make a port if the switch online is lackluster.

        1. Did you even read my comment. I said why would their port an online game to a system that MAY NOT have good online features. I would be lazy to port an online game if the switch online is lackluster. Where in those words did I say the online is bad, will be bad, or going to bad? I said I wouldn’t port it if online is bad because no one knows what online is going to be.

          Another idiot opening their web browser and damage controlling for Nintendo. Seems like you embarrassed yourself

    3. To me it sounds like the switch is not powerfull enough to handle it without any issue’s. Looking at the Dragon Quests comparison video between ps4 and switch my suspicions seem right.

      Also many devolopers have said the same thing so stop blaming them for beeing to lazy they release it on pc,ps4 and xbox withouth any complains i’m sure they would more than love to add a 4th platform meaning more money.

    4. They would have to completely change the game to work in handheld mode with local wireless multiplayer.

  1. My apologies. This* is great news. Overwatch is one of the most successful games of this console generation, and as a diehard Nintendo fan, I would LOVE to play it on the Switch!

    Having Overwatch skip the Switch would be a huge missed opportunity. This is the third-party support that Nintendo needs.

    1. ||This is not good or bad news, these are just empty words until confirmed otherwise as usual…||

    1. Overwatch is not a big game and the graphics arent too complex it can run it easily on tv mode however how will it run on handheld mode? Or will be overwatch only be playable on tv mode or both give them a year and when jeff teases something he will probably find a way to port overwatch to the switch.

        1. I meant like a big game developer wise its a huge game for gamers hell once I got into overwatch I cant stop its the best fps in a while!

      1. The dock doesn’t increase processing power; it only increases the output resolution. There’s no reason for OW to be a docked-exclusive title โ€“ games as graphically intensive as Zelda and Fast RMX can still run in handheld mode, and other online-focused shooters such as Splatoon 2 can also run in handheld mode. Some games, such as Zelda, can actually run *better* in handheld mode, due to the lower screen resolution putting less load on the console.

  2. Ok if they want to do this they need to launch with a nintendo switch themed event which the nintendo version will have exclusive stages like peachs castle,the kingdom of hyrule,any map from splatoon,and final destination from smash bros. the costumes will be
    Hanzo-Botw link
    Genji-Ocarina of time link
    Pharah-Samus gamer and out of suit zero suit samus
    Soldier 76-Inkling boy
    Sombra-Inkling girl
    Reinhardt-Shovel knight
    Zarya-Princess peach
    Mcree-Fox mcloud
    Winston-Donkey kong
    Bastion-Duck hunt dog
    Mercy-Princess Zelda
    Exclusive hero will be link and will have a playable story mode please do this jeff kaplan we need overwatch on the switch!

  3. I hate when devs do stuff like this. If you describe something as challenging or difficult, then at least say why. The game obviously won’t have any technical issues running on Switch.

    1. Being a challenge shouldn’t prevent them from doing anything anyways.

      If the Switch continues to sell well then the third parties will come. One thing these video game companies cannot resist is the promise of more money.

  4. From now on, I can’t see the words “Overwatch” without thinking of that one troll bitching abut it being “liberal propaganda” because of Tracer’s sexuality on YouTube.

    That aside, this is assuring stuff to hear.

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