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Yasunori Mitsuda: Recording For Xenoblade 2 OST Happening At The End Of The Month

In a recent blog post Yasunori Mitsuda has confirmed that a large-scale recording for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is happening at the end of the month. The soundtrack is one of the greatest things about the Xenoblade franchise so we should be in safe hands with Yasunori Mitsuda. Here’s the Google translation for the blog post that was written:

Large-scale recording is abridged at the end of this month.
Of course the title is an example of Xeno.
This time the writer puts himself and there are five people, but the
score is compiled by me all,
so the premonition that seems to be a tremendous amount of musical score ….
Even a part-time job may not make it in time (^ ^;) to hire it.
This picture is still about 1/4.
Moreover, it
is still about half because it is about half from the total number of songs .
I have no choice but to work hard on each step.



    1. I can’t believe it either. And somehow I doubt it can be as good if they didn’t invest so much time in it. But considering that they have had the ressources to work parallel on X as well as Xenoblade 2 for a while and it’s already a few years in production, then why not. My biggest problem right now is, that I haven’t even finished Xenoblade Chronicles yet.

    2. Mario Odissey, Arms, Skyrim…I am pretty sure those games are coming this year. But i think Xenoblade 2 coming this year was a “white lie” to promote the switch.

    3. Should be a porting of a game already in development for the Wii U. You can’t do an RPG this big in so little time. Be optimist.

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles had the best story in an JRPG since Chrono Trigger (in my opinion of course). The battle system was great, the world was vast and enjoyable.

    Xenoblade Chronicles X had even greater graphics and a much better and wider world to explore (even though the story was not even close to the first one).

    Both games feature a really good OST (Engage the enemy from the original game or Sylvalum theme from X are my favourite).

    I can’t even describe my hype for another game in the series :D

  2. If we actually got Xenoblade 2 this year, I may not be able to hold back the tears of joy. Nintendo is absolutely killing it this year, so this would basically keep the icing on the cake.

  3. And this is why Nintendo hired Monolith the work on Breath of the Wild’s overworld. They truly own it in the exploration part. Both games were really epic for massive overworlds and theme music (more so the first game, but X’s regional themes were great too) I hope Xenoblade 2’s story and characters are just as great as the first one, with X’s overworld exploration and battle upgraded battle system (I hope they give an option to use chain attacks and overdrive, depending on the character)

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