An ambitious gamer xFateAwaitsx has managed to find every single Korok seed in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is extremely challenging as anyone who has played the game could testify. The Korok seeds are scattered all around the humongous map and can be redeemed for goodies with Hestu. It took xFateAwaitsx two hours just to go from 899-900. That’s how much of a challenge it is. I won’t spoil what the reward is.




    • I’m thinking the same thing. Not in the time he did it.
      I did get a guide, for the large poster map that was included, but I haven’t opened it yet. Haven’t even broke the plastic wrap. Exploring and discovery is half the fun for me. Discovery on combat methods, discovery on exploration/ terrain methods… for me personally, it’s a waste of the game’s grand design to use a book and burn through it. I understand if someone google’s something because they are super legit stuck, but using a guide kinda ruins it for me. Once I’m satisfied with what I have personally achieved, then I might use more resources.

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  1. The seeds themselves have a description that says they have a smell to them too, don’t they?…..So a big Korok gives you a giant golden shit……for collecting 900 little korok shits…..I can’t tell if this is Nintendo literally shitting on the idea of collectibles in video games or not lol

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  2. That’s nuts. I’m 80 hours into the game and I only have about 200 of them. Although, I’m not looking for then religiously at all.


  3. I hope somebody makes a meme/comic about Link getting hyped wondering what his big reward was going to be only to find out it was a golden piece of crap and Link responds with “You DICK!!!”


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