The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo has decided to double the amount of Nintendo Switch units it produces due to strong demand for the system. Nintendo is aiming to produce 16 million Switch consoles in the financial year which starts this April. This means that Nintendo expects the console to easily outsell the Wii U which only managed to sell around 13.5 million units.

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  1. That’s aiming for 16-18 million units for the next 14 months more or so… Maybe Mr. Kimishima wasn’t messing around when he said that they expect the same sale numbers as the Wii… Fingers crossed. This are great news.

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    • They sold 2 million in preorders and 2 million more in first 48 hours. 1.6 million preorders in less than 24 hours, Japan was the holdout for several weeks, but still did 2 million in January preorders, even though the last 400 of it took awhile. So 4 million as of March 5 in both shipment & sells (sold out).

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    • And if you assume based upon nothing (and ignoring history) that the only way for the Switch to hit those numbers are to get on daytime television with a fitness trend, that would be an excellent point.

      Since that’s a ridiculous premise to start with though, Nintendo dodges that problem.

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  2. I think they were shipping 8 million consoles because they probably planned on selling 5-6 million in the first year. Noe they believe they will sell 10 million in the first year? Damn that’s pretty good. They must have some pretty solid evidence to back this up, they wouldn’t risk over producing expensive hardware.

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