Frozenbyte has shared some tidbits in regard to developing for Nintendo Switch. According to the Finnish developer’s marketing manager, Kai Tuovinen, making games for Nintendo’s latest console is “a lot smoother” than the same process on Wii U. Has-Been Heroes is the studio’s first title for Nintendo Switch and it’s set to launch worldwide on March 28.

“Switch has been a real pleasure to work with, no complaints at all,” Tuovinen said. “Nintendo has really learned a lot from the Wii U times and developing for the Switch has been a lot smoother. They’ve changed around a lot of things, and really thought of the whole process from a developer standpoint. Our programmers have loved it.”




  1. OKAY. WE GET IT. The Switch is easy to develop for. I mean you can just make one article quoting several sources instead of posting an article every.single.time.

    Plus developing isn’t equal porting. It’s someting some ppl don’t understand.

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    • Why shouldn’t it? That was the main complaint about the Wii U with the other being the install base was too low. Other than fearing if their games will sell well on a Nintendo platform, these 3rd parties’s excuses are very limited now


  2. I want to see games. 3rd party, AAA, big beautiful (and dark and terrifying) games.
    It’s easy devs! Make it happen! Power is irrelevant. Use the Force! Do or do not, there is no try!

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  3. }{ Ease of development and power of the console are completely uncorrelated… We already established in a different article that the Switch is less powerful than the Xbox One, so to simply assume developers are lying when they question if their software could be brought to a less powerful console is quite naive… }{

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