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Developing Games For Nintendo Switch Is “A Lot Smoother” Than Wii U

Frozenbyte has shared some tidbits in regard to developing for Nintendo Switch. According to the Finnish developer’s marketing manager, Kai Tuovinen, making games for Nintendo’s latest console is “a lot smoother” than the same process on Wii U. Has-Been Heroes is the studio’s first title for Nintendo Switch and it’s set to launch worldwide on March 28.

“Switch has been a real pleasure to work with, no complaints at all,” Tuovinen said. “Nintendo has really learned a lot from the Wii U times and developing for the Switch has been a lot smoother. They’ve changed around a lot of things, and really thought of the whole process from a developer standpoint. Our programmers have loved it.”



    1. I’m pretty sure Square Enix knows the Switch is super easy to develop for, they’re just being naive by trying to wait until the Switch sells a substantial amount of units before they fully commit to it. I’m absolutely certain that if the Switch sells 8 or 10 million units by the end of this year that a lot of those games that these 3rd parties claim they couldn’t​ get to run on the Switch will end up being on the system anyway…. trust me. They don’t have the excuse to fall back on about a Nintendo console being too difficult to develop for anymore so they’ll make up one by saying they’re not sure if the system is powerful enough to handle their games when the real reason is they wanna make sure there’s enough people owning Switches to sell their games to

        1. by the example of a 6 year old port. Sure, it says more than pixelart-2D-metroidvania-indies, but still. Did Bethesda mention why they aren’t porting Fallout 4? Nope? Guess why.

          1. oh, you mean the game even the fans thought was buggy as hell and needed a new engine stat? To quote Angry Joe, “This engine needs to be taken out back and shot NOW.”

    2. Theres a huge difference between beeing able to run something smooth witouth downgrading your graphics to much and easy to develop for. Making games is very expansive so developers want cross platform games , not create exclusive ones unless Nintendo is putting in money aswell.

      Or do you really believe that company’s just hate Nintendo and have a illuminati packt to no support them lol.

      More consoles means more money but looking at the Dragon Quest comparison video, power is an issue yet again.

  1. Yep it has great sales and every things along with a few minor launch problems that every console has I blame other third complain that porting to there games to the switch is hard

  2. OKAY. WE GET IT. The Switch is easy to develop for. I mean you can just make one article quoting several sources instead of posting an article every.single.time.

    Plus developing isn’t equal porting. It’s someting some ppl don’t understand.

  3. Should of put a tegra x2 in a console for better performance but nop, they went with gimmicky bs once again. You will never compete with the mobile market nintendo.

    1. Then you’d be bitching even more about..the price, the heat coming off from it, the even shorter battery life, etc. There is nothing wrong with the “power” that it has. Anyone expecting a PS4 pro in a tablet at this point it completely out of touch with reality. For a tablet based device this thing is awesome!

    2. Since you say they should’ve used a tegra X2, which is an SoC for mobile devices, I’m assuming you like the idea of the Switch and just want a more powerful one. In that case it must be the X1 that you’re calling gimmicky? That doesn’t make much sense though. I don’t see how the Switch could be gimmicky with an X1, but not gimmicky with an X2. It would be the same concept either way.

      1. I don’t think the Tegra X2 was designed for mobile because the new Nvidia Shield doesn’t even use it. Maybe Nvidia will make another Tegra mobile chip that’ll be capable of 4K rendering for gaming whenever Nintendo decides to make a more powerful version of the Switch. It seems that Nvidia will be Nintendo’s graphic card provider from here on out

        1. Nvidia themselves describe the tegra chips as advanced mobile processors. I think we’re a long way off before Nvidia produces a tegra chip capable of delivering 4K gaming.

  4. It may be easier to develope for, but that most likely won’t change the third party situation.

    1. Why shouldn’t it? That was the main complaint about the Wii U with the other being the install base was too low. Other than fearing if their games will sell well on a Nintendo platform, these 3rd parties’s excuses are very limited now

  5. I want to see games. 3rd party, AAA, big beautiful (and dark and terrifying) games.
    It’s easy devs! Make it happen! Power is irrelevant. Use the Force! Do or do not, there is no try!

  6. }{ Ease of development and power of the console are completely uncorrelated… We already established in a different article that the Switch is less powerful than the Xbox One, so to simply assume developers are lying when they question if their software could be brought to a less powerful console is quite naive… }{

  7. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Once again, this is mostly coming from an indie developer that don’t have heavily data intensive games to begin with. No Man’s Sky was merely the exception to this rule.

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