If you’re lucky enough to be within walking, short driving or perhaps running distance of the Nintendo NYC Store and you’re still looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch then you’re in luck. They have announced that they have stock (while it lasts) right now. The Nintendo New York City Store tweeted:




  1. Sweet! That Store in that one city that sells cool things you can’t buy anywhere else and is more of an insult to the rest of us than a nice gesture to fans across the country?

    Nice! The Nintendo store is so awesome! Like, gamestop-awesome! :D

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  2. While Grunty waits to buy her Switch I bought a portable charger, screen protector, Bomberman R, BOW, a Pro controller and a Switch case. Hopfully a retailer will have some available. If not Ill buy skin covers blue or red to match the Joy Cons.

    I know I didnt Rhyme, but next time ill have better lines.


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