Nintendo Treehouse To Broadcast Splatoon 2 Global Testfire


The team over at Nintendo Treehouse will be producing a live stream for the upcoming Splatoon 2 Global Testfire. You’ll get to watch the pro’s battle it out with the newbies on March 24th at 12pm PT. This should help generate some hype for the long-awaited game.


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  1. petric22 says:

    Going to be playing it, so I don’t care.

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  2. reeleemee says:

    I hate these global testfires honestly lol just give me a damn demo Nintendo ND then I can play on my own time


    1. pallas17 says:

      Splatoon is an online game, which means Nintendo has to run the servers.


  3. I’ll be partaking in the Testfire, but maybe I’ll show up in one of their matches! You’ll probably be able to tell who I am- 3 guesses what my player name is.


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