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Latest Issue Of EDGE Has RIME Taking Pride Of Place On Front Cover

We’ve spent a good amount of time covering RIME; an intriguing title coming to Nintendo Switch which is due to release in May this year. It seems that the prolific EDGE magazine deem it important enough to have it taking pride of place on its latest cover for issue 305. Take a look at the picture below, thanks to NeoGaf user Visualante2.


It’s also worth noting that the publication has recently awarded the following Switch games too. The scores you can see below:

1-2-Switch [6]
Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together [8]
Super Bomberman [4]




    1. EDGE have a tendency to make decent games appear on their front covers so I’m pretty hyped about RIME. Sober as a judge, me.


      1. I hope you are right but Edge isn’t without faults, sometimes I feel them as drunk judges. In fact, Bomberman doesn’t deserve a 4 and 1-2-Switch is more like a demo than a game. Certainly not better than Bomberman.
        I’m not hyped much but if it’s good it should be something I can consider for my Sitch. But I’m not hopeful in all sincerity.


      2. It looks empty. Ico was somewhat empty too but was very good looking and had cool arts (both graphics and sound).
        This looks just barebone from the demo.
        Happy to be wrong though.


      3. “It looks empty”. This is not a painting. This is a videogame. Minutes later you may see hundreds of things in that “empty” landscape.


      4. I want to see it before spending xx euros though, because what they offered to the public is (imho) an empty world.
        Ico was poetic from the get go. This is not. This gives me nothing. When you saw Zelda you saw dramatization, I don’t think they are selling it well if they just hide everything. Hopefully there is something (more) somewhere in the game.


  1. EDGE? Do anyone still read that?
    They have a fancy layout for their pages, but content-wise it´s just a shadow of what it was several years ago. They are trying to hard to be seen as a “serious, mature” magazine but they always end each edition ignoring several parts of the market and several very important games.
    I stopped reading that magazine long ago


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