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Unity 5.6 Now Includes Native Support For Nintendo Switch

Game development engine Unity has announced on its official blog that the latest version has been released and that it now includes native support for the Nintendo Switch. The latest version of the engine brings it to version 5.6. There’s a number of Unity games on Switch available and also coming soon including Super Bomberman R and Yooka-Laylee.

“With the option to play docked console-style or handheld on-the-go, the Nintendo Switch offers a new opportunity for creators to think a bit differently about their games. Several Unity titles like Super Bomberman and Snipperclips presented at GDC on Unity booth have been released already. We are happy to announce that support for Nintendo Switch is now available (note that current support is based on Unity 5.5, Unity 5.6 support will be available during the 5.6.x cycle).”



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        1. You’re already in full fucking denial that the Nintendo Switch have already sold 1.5 million units worldwide in just one week. Two million additional units will be in store shelves this month.

          PS. Never underestimate the Commander… otherwise, it will rip you a new asshole.

          1. The Nintendo Switch Sold 100-120k in reality you should wake up
            Apparently it is a far reaching illuminati conspiracy like the moon landing. Makes sense to me. The illuminati used their power and influence to escalate Switch Sales Higher than it should be so the people will believe Switch is a safe Console to buy

            So stop trolling your self and the world by saying Switch Sold 1.5m because it is just a conspiracy and nintendo want you to believe that So stop saying crazy things !!
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            1. Where did you get that data from… out of your ass? Get the fuck outta here! You’re so in full denial that the Nintendo Switch have sold over a million units worldwide!

              “According to a report by SuperData, Nintendo sold 1.5 million Switch units worldwide during its first week, with the U.S., Japan, the U.K. and France seeing the most sales. The report also points out that 89-percent of Switch buyers picked up a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That means roughly 1.34 million Switch users have picked up the game; the data does not include how many copies were purchased by Wii U owners.”

              Source: TechnoBuffalo

              1. Did you even read my comment ?lol but you keep answering? fair enough
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    2. That’s weird, I already downloaded 10 games for my Nintendo Switch. And as far as I know the Zelda – Breath of the wild (most perfect scores of any game ever so should be the best game ever made) is on the system. This is my current library:
      * Zelda – Breath of the wild
      * 1-2 Switch
      * Snipperclips
      * Snake pass
      * I am setsuna
      * Bomberman R
      * World of goo
      * Human resource machine
      * Little inferno
      * Blaster Master Zero

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