If you’re tempted by Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch but are reluctant to pay the full price provided by Konami then you’ll be pleased to know the game is Best Buy’s deal of the day. You can purchase it for $39.99 or $31.99 with Gamers Club Unlocked. The deal is available for today only and you can purchase it here.

Thanks ismellicecream for the tip!



  1. This deal is not today only… This is the price it always is… You pay $30 for 2yrs at bestbuy and you get all games for 20% off….

    $60 games are 47
    $40 games are 31
    $10 games are $7

    This is why I will always buy my games from Bestbuy… I pay $47 for games on the day they come out…


  2. This combined with the upcoming free DLC puts it closer to the right price point. Depending on what all comes in the DLC of course.


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