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Papa John’s Pizza Is Advertising Nintendo Switch Accessories At GameStop

For some reason, Papa John’s Pizza has decided to promote Nintendo Switch accessories. Earlier today, the pizza delivery restaurant chain’s official Twitter handle posted a message that tells its followers to pre-order Joy-Con Wheels at GameStop. It also included a link to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe page on GameStop’s online store, as well as an image that displays pizza, two Joy-Con Wheels, the GameStop logo and Mario Kart artwork. You can check out the full post in the embedded tweet below:

24 thoughts on “Papa John’s Pizza Is Advertising Nintendo Switch Accessories At GameStop”

    1. Lol well gamers buy pizza. That’s the most logic u can put behind it. It’s a multiplayer game so yea that’s WT their getting at . Don’t know why they promoted the wheel accessory tho that’s pretty funny lol and well it ads to popularity so the more the merrier

  1. I love the amount of promotion going into this! They advertised it hard in the subway in Tokyo, I saw Breath of the wild everywhere. Target in my small town has this, and now papa johns good for nintendo!

  2. This is where my sister and brother in-law goes all the time. I always wondered why there’s so many pizza places named after John. I’ve known of John’s Pizza Parlor and Ice Cream, John’s Fantastic Pizza (or, John’s Incredible Pizza), and now this place. And it seems like I’m forgetting one of them.

    1. Are you saying you’ve never heard of Papa John’s until recently? I’ve never heard of any of those other places you just mentioned but I remember Papa John’s being around since my middle school days.

    1. Well I prefer Domino’s, but only Papa John’s delivers where I live now, so… That’s that.
      Either way, I’m not getting the wheel accessories. I never ended up using them for Wii or Wii U Mario Kart.

        1. I guess things are different in my town. We have a local pizza restaurant that pretty much everyone in town agrees is better than all of the chains, even their wings would rival Buffalo Wild Wings. If we want a pizza quickly though we usually get Papa John’s.

          1. Local places are probably better than the chains in every town. With that said, Pizza Hut is still the best of the three global chains. They stepped their game up big time.

  3. This just seems so out of left field. Papa John’s advertising a Mario Kart inspired pizza, I would totally get. Them advertising products they don’t even sell for a game they don’t even sell? It strikes me as supremely odd.

  4. This is completely bizarre… They’re advertising a game they didn’t make and don’t sell with accessories they didn’t make and don’t sell on a system they didn’t make and don’t sell at a store that is not them. Must be a pure dump of money into Papa John’s pocket in exchange for promotion.

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